Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prayers and Praises on Thursday

Can you believe that Thursday is already here?
Where does the week go, and why don't I seem to get anything accomplished?
I guess that's a good idea for another post, huh?!?!?
Here are the prayer requests that I've received from some of you this week,
and from our church:
1. Nicholas Long

He is 2 years old and has double pneumonia.
2. Ailene Franklin
She is in the hospital in Sevierville and is critical.
3. Oliver Regan
He is 5 years old and is being tested for Crohn's Disease.
Kerry Brummitt
(I received this e-mail from a friend of a friend)
He is 15 years old, a sweet loving red A+ student, president of his freshman class at Loudon High School...but Kerry is in a coma, has had emergency brain surgery due to a malformation of an artery running to his brain which burst and bled on his brain on Sunday afternoon (Jan. 17th, 2009). He still hasn't completely came out of this grave situation,
when he had a heart attack yesterday. He now is running a high fever and they don't know what is wrong with him. I am asking that you pray for Kerry, his mom Tammy and dad Perry, along with our family as we rally to support them every way possible. Kerry is at UT Medical Center in Knoxville, in the critical care unit. He did not have any symptoms with the exception of a really bad headache that he complained about to his parents right before he fell to the floor. So please pray for Kerry, have your church pray for Kerry and please pray for strength for Tammy and Perry as they go thru this terrible ordeal with him. I don't know if they have insurance or not as well, since Perry's work has slowed down to a stand still and Tammy just started a new job.
Richard Leroy Gibson
This is an update on the little boy who goes to Northview Elementary School who has leukemia. He is still in the hospital and now has blood bacteria and they think possibly has shingles.
6. Paul Mayfield
Here is the update on Mr. Mayfield:
He will probably start radiation February 23rd. He will go February 16th for his mapping. They will make a mold/cast of his head and neck, then radiation will begin the next Monday. She does feel that he will take 7 weeks of treatments, at least 30 to 35 treatments. He will get a bad sore throat, get red and irritated at the skin, will have no taste and will probably loose 20 lbs, so he is to build up now.
7. R. C. Fisher
This sweet man and his wife go to our church. He is in the hospital. He had a stomach virus and now has pneumonia.
8. My friend, Missy
She has the stomach virus, too, and also a terrible headache to go along with it.
9. Don Hopkins and Fain McCauley
Prayer was requested for these men at church, but no reason given.
10. Carla
This request was only for the first name. The indication was the health concern has to do with her brain. She is the mother of 4 children.
11. Ms. Cathy's family
Her family live in Missouri and they are in the midst of the ice storm, without power.
12. Dan Myers
He is the neighbor of a couple in our church and has health concerns.
13. My sister-in-law, Frieda
She had a biopsy, which was negative, but will be meeting with a surgeon today about removal of the "tumor".
14. Our nephew and his family
They live in Indiana and they are also experiencing lots of problems with the ice storm.
1. Larry Dunn
He is home from the hospital.
2. My friend, Dawn

Her husband was able to find a job, even in this terrible economy.
3. Pappy
Remember a few weeks ago, there was a lay-off at Pappy's work???
And, he didn't get the lay-off???
(Thank you, Lord)

Well, now, since there are lots less workers, Pappy is getting to work some OT....that is definitely something to praise God for!!!

Dear Precious Lord,
I bring all the names listed above to you in prayer. Most of these people are having a very difficult time with health problems and concerns. Please touch each of their hearts and give them the peace that can only come from knowing you and being able to give you all our troubles and know that you listen and understand and care, and hear and answer our prayers. We thank you for each of the praises that we know are blessings from you and are also prayers you've heard and answered.
We make these requests in Jesus' most blessed and holy name.
In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. Oh Deb!!!!
    My eldest had an AVM (arteriovenus malformation) rupture when she was a freshman in HS as well.She was at school and the miracles just rolled one after the other. My heart is just broken for Tammy and Perry. I have walked in their shoes. I am no expert and cannot predict Kerry's outcome but I know that the doctors will give no predictions and no hope, very closed mouthed. Of course, they DON'T know, only God does! All I ever wanted to know was "have other kids recovered from this and gone on to live productive lives?" Please relay to Tammy and Perry that it is possible. My crazy daughter's blog:
    As I pray for Kerry, I know that he is in Jesus' precious hands, no better place for him to be. Life will never be the same, but our God is a BIG God and a God of Miracles. At first we thought we were on a detour in life, but life was never the same again, totally changed our path. Please tell them to pray SPECIFIC! For instance, Tiffany was supposed to have more surgery b/c her ICF (brain pressure) had skyrocketed but her precious Dr had to go out of town for the weekend and didn't want anyone else to do surgery so postponed until Monday. We hit the prayer chains of every church and friend's churches we knew. A friend from our church was visiting family in Scotland and sent word that they were praying over there. When Dr came back on Monday, Tif's ICF was perfect! One of the neatest things:un we got a phone call from Nor. Cali. It was the "end of the chain" from some college friends' church calling to get an update so they could send the request back up the line! Oh God is so good. Please keep us updated, and send along my prayers. Blessings, Shay


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