Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prayer Requests

We didn't have church tonight because of a power outage.
Hope none of you reading this were affected by the terrible storms that came thru. I watched some of the storm damage on the local television station and they talked about the thousands who are without power because of the storms!!!

So...I don't have prayer requests from church to share. Here are the ones I've received. I'm going to go ahead and post them, and we'll have something a bit different to talk about tomorrow!!!

1. My friend, Dawn's Dad
He is having some problems with his blood pressure being too low. Please pray that the doctors can find out the problem, and hopefully it's nothing serious and can be treated with medication.

2. Dawn
She has bronchitis and also will be having a test run next month. Please keep her in your prayers.
3. Anonymous
This request is for a lady who is a nurse. Here is the request I received:
She is having a tough time on her job. She knows of another co-worker nurse who is either abusing alcohol, or drugs, and because she's in a union, she can't turn her in without being sued and losing her job. The boss knows about it, too, but won't do anything and she's in a position that she can. This lady is very conflicted because she knows as a Christian that this person is doing wrong and could potentially harm a patient and she should do something but can't because of the union. She is asking for prayer that her boss will do the right thing and what she herself should do as a Christian. She feels she may have to quit her job if this continues because she can't keep working there with what she knows.

4. Tim Huffaker
Tim had the heart cath last Friday and two blockages were found and the doctor inserted two stints. Then, on Sunday, after church, he was involved in an auto accident. Please keep him and his family in your prayers!!!

5. My sister-in-law, Frieda
She had some tests run and is awaiting some insurance pre-qualifications prior to making some decisions about what to do next. Please keep her and Jack's brother, Bill, in your prayers.

6. Richard Lilly
Mr. Lilly is Ms. Shari's Dad. He will be having some tests run on the 19th. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

I also have a praise. For several years, I've prepared our tax return on-line...this year was no exception. I want to thank the good Lord for the generous return we're getting this year.
He knows my car is running on "bald eagles"!!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. Hey, thanks for the *idea* you left on my blog. I am new to the blogging world and I wasn't sure where to leave this comment.
    This may sound a little strange but I'm pretty sure I know you, well, not really know you... but I think you used to work for the same company as my dad. E.L.G? : )


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