Thursday, February 19, 2009

Prayerful Thursday

As if to make up for not having many requests to post last week....I have been bombarded with prayer requests this week. WOW!!! So very many people struggling with health problems, job security (or insecurity), etc.
A sweet lady in my Sunday school class gave me this simple answer when I asked a question a few weeks ago....
"Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there"!!!
Let's take these prayer requests to our precious Savior and let Him work them out as only He can...and ask that His will be done with each of them!!

1. Family of Louise Smith
Ms. Louise passed away this past Saturday. Please keep her family in your prayers, and also Paw Paw Hollow Baptist Church. Her husband, Al Smith, is the pastor there.

2. Family of Christy Cox
Ms. Christy passed away last Friday. Her Dad works with Pappy. Please keep this family in your prayers.

3. Sunday School Prayer Requests
My precious Sunday school teacher had several prayer requests:
Tonya - her niece - she had a hysterectomy on Tuesday
Ariel - Ms. Tonya's grand-daughter - has RSV
Kimberly - Ms. Tonya's daughter - her husband has just been diagnosed with MS and will be discharged from the military
Dad and step-mom - several health concerns
Phillip Tackett - Her brother-in-law - just had surgery for colon cancer
Please keep all these concerns...from one your prayers.

4. Debra
This lady just had surgery for the removal of polyps and tumors. She has a lot of other health problems, also.

5. Robin
Ms. Robin is having trouble with her ears.

6. Ms. Bertha
Ms. Bertha has several health concerns...but, praise the Lord was at church last night!!!!! I've really been missing her in our Sunday school class!!!

7. Ann
Ms. Ann had a light heart attack last week, and is responding very well to the medications they put her on.

8. My sister-in-laws
Please keep my sister-in-laws in your prayers. One is facing surgery and one is having lots of health issues along with other problems.

9. R. C. Fisher
Mr. Fisher has been in the hospital, but is now back in the nursing home. It doesn't look like he will be able to come home, but will have to stay in the nursing home.

10. Joanne
I don't know what the concern is with this lady...but God knows. Just please lift her up in prayer that God will comfort her and her family.

11. Mary Johnson
Ms. Johnson is in the hospital. I don't know what her health concern is.

12. Tana Ball
This young lady just had a baby, and is in the hospital in critical condition. We heard at church last night that she is improving. Thank you, Lord!!!

13. Job Concerns
Please keep all those in prayer who are having concerns about their work. The economy has so many people scared and a lot of places laying off workers, or closing their doors.

14. Ms. Haley
Her Mom is waiting on some test results. Please pray that she gets a good report, and there's nothing seriously wrong!

15. My Mom
I'll be taking Mom to the doctor today. Please keep her in your prayers. She fell about 7 weeks ago and is having some problems.

16. Richard Lilly
Mr. Lilly is Ms. Shari's Dad, and she's very concerned about him. He will be having some tests run today. Please pray that the tests are negative.
Also, please pray for his family.

17. Charlotte Bishop's nephew
Ms. Bishop has a nephew who is 31 years old and has been hospitalized because he is not getting blood return in his legs. They are considering doing open heart surgery on him.

18. Anonymous
I requested prayer for this lady last week who is a nurse and working with another nurse who is abusing alcohol, and/or drugs. Her director called the nurse in and confronted her, but nothing was drug test, nor reprimand...but the director did use this lady's name as the one who had turned her in, even though others knew it was going on, too. "Anonymous" feels that she is faced with finding another job since the director didn't follow proper procedures.

19. Ms. Molly
This little girl is having some health problems. She's only a little over 2.5 years old. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

20. Family of Ms. Shari's Aunt
Ms. Shari's aunt passed away this week. Please keep Ms. Shari and her family in your prayers.

Dear Heavenly Father,
We have so many people to bring before you today, Lord. You know each and every one on our prayer list, and you know their needs and their concerns and their problems. Please lay your hand upon each of them this morning, Lord, and heal them...give them peace...touch their hearts...let Your will be done in their lives. We love you so much, dear Lord, and we know that you want only the best for us. Help us to let You decide what's best. Help us to give these requests to You and let You work them out for us.
In Jesus most precious and holy name we pray this,

In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. wow, that was a big list. Thanks for praying for Haley, I know that all the prayers going up for her are what has given me the peace I've had and been able to handle this ordeal as good as I have. It's so hard when something is going on with your child!!!


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