Saturday, March 14, 2009

Faith, Hope and Love....found a resting place!!!

I found a home for my "Faith", "Hope", and "Love" that I showed you all the other day....remember the little plaques that I found at Knox Rail Salvage???
I had some ribbon left over from a little gift I made, so I hot glued it to the tops of them (the glue gun has become my best friend!!!)
Then, I hung them on the wall....with the little plastic feet that go on the bottoms of wooden chairs...they matched perfectly!!!!
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together???
(what TV show is that from????)

Now that I look at ' seems I have to turn my head to the right to get them to hang straight...ha! ha!
I'll have to check into that!!!

This is my "sofa table". I love that table...we've had it forever!!
I like to decorate it a little for whatever the season is. I didn't really do that until I quit work....I guess I have a bit more time now, huh???
(some days it just doesn't seem that way!!!)

Anyway....the little "duckie" on the left...I have no clue where she came from!!!
The bunnies in the mother-in-law gave those to me.
Aren't they so sweet???

And, the bowl of eggs...that's the same bowl that held the pine cones for my winter table...grass and eggs from Biggie Lotties!!!

Another Biggie Lotties find...isn't this candle holder beautiful....
I've had it for a while, too!!!

I love the little birds around the outside. I find I really like birds. I'm thinking I got that from my Mamaw. I was at her house a week, or so, ago, and she was complaining that the birds on her mantle were messed I moved them around a little and that seemed to please her!!! should see her, oh, wow!!!
I'm thinking they might have to come and live at my think she would notice....oh, I bet she would!!!

This little table....I paid $1.00 for at a yard sale years ago!!!!
It had a wobbly leg and Pappy fixed it!!!
It's going to get a paint job one of these sits in the foyer.
I placed a tray on it, and a lamp I got at Fred's several years ago
(I hot glued the beads around the bottom of the shade, to help match our house)
The little bird and nest came from Biggie Lotties, too....several years ago. I bought two when I got it because it was such a good deal...and my sis-in-law got the other one for her birthday that year!!! The eggs in the nest....half-price at Hob Lob....and the little blue birds to the right on the little plaque that says "Welcome"...$1.50...half-price at Hob Lob, too!!!
(you might have to enlarge this one to see it well)
(mirror in the background....
birthday gift from my Mom several years ago!!!)

Sometimes, I find it kinda hard to decorate my house.
I love earth tones....greens, browns, reds....and some of the brighter colors seem to clash. I think that's why I love, love, love fall of the year. Seems the oranges, yellows, burgundies....all the colors of fall....just blend so well with my dark house!!!!

Anyway...if you get a chance, let me know how you decorate for "spring"!!!!
I'm going to be working on an Easter wreath this week....good Lord willing....and I'll share that with you when it's finished!!!

So....hope all of you have had a wonderful Saturday.
It's rained all day here, but it's been a pretty productive day for me....for once!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. you have the neatest things!! I still need to come to your house and see all your "stuff". you are so creaative. I love the faith hope love signs!!


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