Thursday, March 19, 2009

Prayerful Thursday

Psalm 5:1-3 (NLT)
O Lord, hear me as I pray; pay attention to my groaning.
Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for I pray to no one but you.
Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord.
Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.

It's "Prayerful Thursday".....again.....already!!!
This day rolls around really quickly....and, just like I said last saddens me to write my post for Thursday because of all the death, sickness, medical tests, and uncertainty that so many people are facing.

1. Family and friends of R. C. Fisher

2. Family and friends of J. D. Roberts

3. Family and friends of Fannie Ruth Cardwell

4. Family and friends of Al Andes

5. Family and friends of Ralph Earl Lee

6. Bertha James
Ms. Bertha was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon, but is still having lots of problems.

7. Norma Watson
Ms. Norma will be having a medical test for a very serious condition on Friday, March 20th.

8. George Cate
Mr. George will be having eye surgery on Monday, March 23rd.

9. Judy Huffaker
Ms. Judy had knee surgery yesterday.

10. Frieda
Ms. Frieda had a biopsy done cancer....Praise the Lord!!!

11. Janice
Ms. Janice had a procedure done on Monday. Her problems are treatable by medication, but doctor saw no signs of cancer....another praise!!!

12. Dawn
I requested prayer for her because of a biopsy she had. She got the results on Monday and it is cancer...but not melanoma, basal cell. She will be having more tissue removed on Friday, March 20th.

13. Sonny and Donna Gray
Mr. Sonny has a malignant brain tumor. Please keep him and Ms. Donna in your prayers.

14. Joe O'Mary
Mr. O'Mary has a lot of health problems and is in intensive care.

15. Charles Hayes
Mr. Charles has cancer and is having some other health issues.

16. Evelyn Cate
Ms. Evelyn is my "walking buddy". She is having a mass removed from her neck/chest on Friday, March 27th.

17. Mr. Robbie
Please visit his Mommy's blog for an update on Robbie.

18. Ms. Molly
She was scheduled for a colonoscopy this past Tuesday, but she is sick again and it will have to be rescheduled.

19. Larry Dunn
He's been on our prayer list before. He was getting better, but is now in a lot of pain and is back in the hospital. He will possibly have to undergo emergency surgery.

20. Ms. Tabitha
She seems to have the flu that is going around, and most of her family has been sick, too.

21. Please read below an e-mail I received from a friend of a lady named Brenda:

"I have a very special prayer request.
Please take the time to read this. Allow me to give you the background information. When my granddaughter, Sara was 6 months old we learned she had a tumor in her kidney. The doctors had to remove one kidney because it was totally encased in the tumor which was the size of a grapefruit. She went through many weeks of Chemo treatments and seemed to be doing fine. Sara will be 4 years old in April. As a routine caution, the doctors have done an ultrasound and a chest x-ray every six months for the past 3 years. Today the ultrasound showed she has a mass in her other kidney. They don't know yet if they will try to treat it with Chemo or try to remove it.
Please keep her in your prayers.
As if that were not enough, my other granddaughter, Gabrielle (born December 12th) has problems with her kidneys as well. Her left kidney is enlarged and her right kidney has what they call Grade Three Reflux. Which if I understand it correctly means the kidney is draining urine into the bladder, but the bladder isn't working properly so the urine is backing up causing problems.
She's only 3 months old. That's a lot for a tiny body to endure. They haven't decided how to treat her as yet.
In addition to the girls having problems, my son, James has learned he has a growth in his sinus cavity. He has an appointment with the ENT doc next week. Please remember him as well.
As you all know, I lost my daughter 4 years ago. It's been a challenge trying to raise Jennifer's boys (at my age) and with no financial assistance. Now I am out of a job, so it's going to be a real challenge financially. Am I being selfish to ask how much more do I have to endure? Of course the children are more important than me, but I have always had to be strong for the entire family.
I know the Lord will provide, but sometimes, I just wonder how."

22. Natalie Demarcus' Mom
This is an e-mail that I received from Natalie giving an update on her Mom:

"Mom went today for the result of her last scan. The doctor is very pleased, and said that she is doing better than 90 % of other lung cancer patients. She took a rull round of Taxol (the type of chemo that she was on) and they kept her at the full dossage amount. Now that is over, and they want her to rest 6 weeks - with no chemo. And then they will do another scan.

Today, they told her that the cancer is completely gone in the left lung, and the right lung is still showing shrinkage!! They said she is doing wonderful, and the doctors said this is phonominal.

Thank you for all the people who have continually asked and prayed for my mom. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! Your cards, calls, and visits have meant Soooo much to my family! Thank you all!!!"

23. Anonymous
Please pray for all those who send me requests but ask that no names be mentioned. There are so many people suffering with health problems, work-place troubles, and job issues. Please keep all these in your thoughts and prayers. God knows each and every one of these "anonymous" people and what the need is!!!

Dear Precious Lord,
We bring each of these names to you.
Please enter into the hearts of each of these people, dear Lord, and also their friends and loved ones. We ask that you comfort them, ease their anxiety and fears, their loneliness, heartache, pain and suffering....whatever it is you find in their hearts and minds, Lord...because we know that YOU already know all about each of these precious souls, Lord, and what they need to bring them the peace they are searching for.
Thank you, Lord, for hearing and answering our prayers.
In Jesus Blessed and Holy Name I pray,

In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. i feel like i've been so out of the loop on janis and freida.

    i want life back to somewhat of a normality.


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