Saturday, March 7, 2009

Prized Possessions!!!

I am VERY sentimental!!
I have some things in our home that mean the absolute world to me.
I want to share some of them with you all!!!

When my brother was in high school, he made a ship like the one above in Woodworking and gave it to Mom....well, big sister wanted one, too, except, to match our home (then, and now), I wanted mine mounted on brown velvet (Mom's was navy). This hangs in our foyer, in a little "nook" over the top of....this:

This old treadle machine belonged to my Mamaw, then to Mom, then she gave it to me!!! Mom made all of my clothes on this when I was growing up, then I made a lot of Jess' little dresses on it when she was small. I used that thing for years!! I remember when Jack and I got married, his Mamaw and Papaw came to see us and couldn't believe I still sewed on an old treadle machine!!! They even had a very sweet, positive comment to make about what kind of girl I was, not thinking I had to have the best!!!
I've carried that compliment with me for almost 32 years!!!

This precious little lamp sits on my computer stand. When I was growing up it sat on top of the water heater in our bathroom. When Daddy and Mom remodeled their bathroom, Mom gave the lamp to me. It has a stainless shade, brass in the center, and a copper base. Isn't it pretty???? I LOVE it!!!

This is filet crochet....and you'll never believe who crocheted it???
Are you ready????

Mom told me that when they first got married, they didn't have a lot of money, and didn't go out a lot, so they crocheted....together!!!
I just think that is soooo sweet.
If you know anything about crocheting, you know that some people crochet "tight". They crocheted doilies, and Daddy would have to use a bigger size needle so that the doilies would turn out the same size!!!

(I still have some of those, too!!!)
Is it any wonder that I LOVE TO CROCHET?!?!?!

And...I crochet "tight", too!!! Daddy crocheted this "scarf". Many years ago, he gave it to my brother, I guess because it had the deer and squirrel on it, and my brother had it framed just like it is now.
One day, my brother told me he wanted me to have it.....I cried!!! I had wanted it for a long time, but wouldn't ask him for it!!!
Ain't God good?!?!?!?

So, now it hangs in my living room!!

Several years ago, my Mamaw decided to give me and my brother, and our two cousins something that belonged to her and my Papaw.
I got this brass clock...and it's heavy as lead!!!!
I asked my Mom how old it is and where it came from. Remember a few weeks back when I wrote the post about the store burning....well, the couple who first opened the store had a pinball machine (1940's)....and whoever got the highest score in a certain amount of time won the prize on the pinball, that's how my Papaw got....won....this clock!!!

Aren't they just the most "handsome couple" you've ever seen????
That's my Daddy and Mom. She told me that these are the pictures they gave each other when they were dating. Look how handsome my Daddy was....and Mom was absolutely beautiful!!!!!

So...these are just a few of my "prized possessions".
Do you all have some of your own???

In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. I'm the same way! very sentimental and especially things from family. you've got some very special things, and I love the pics of them, I love how they have the soft colors on them,blue and pink looking, they looked so young and so sweet :-)
    you have some treasures here :-)


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