Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pray, pray, pray....

If you read my blog yesterday,
then you understand what I mean I say,
"Turn Your Mess Into Your Message"!!!
I spoke about Ms. Norma and Ms. Belinda.
I also want to include Mr. Sonny and Ms. Donna.
We have three precious people in our church who are battling different kinds of cancer.
Ms. Norma has colon cancer, Ms. Belinda breast cancer,
and Mr. Sonny has a brain tumor. At church last night, all three of them were there, just where I expected them to be. There are so many people who are healthy and had absolutely no excuse not to be there....but they chose to stay home, or go somewhere else. Please know that I'm not saying that to criticize anybody because I've done the same thing....but, I know that I need to be in church on Wednesday nights. I need the mid-week boost that it gives me to make it thru until we meet again on Sunday morning!!! These three precious individuals (and this includes Ms. Donna, too) chose to be at church with their church family. I want each of you to know that you have had such a HUGE impact on me. I just hope that if I am ever faced with something like you all are going thru that I can remember how you faced your problem with dignity and strength, and that I can do the same!!!!

1. Ms. Norma
Ms. Norma will be having surgery very soon for colon cancer.
I do want to share a praise, though. Tests have shown that the cancer is confined to her colon, so she will not be faced with having chemotherapy. Thank you, Lord!!!

2. Ms. Belinda
Ms. Belinda has breast cancer. She will be meeting with her doctor on Friday for a consultation as to what her options are.

3. Mr. Sonny (and Ms. Donna)
Mr. Sonny has a brain tumor and he and Ms. Donna are in a situation that needs all of us to say extra prayers for them.

4. Ms. Debra
Ms. Debra found out that she has cancer, in several different locations in her body. She also is having difficulty with her employment, insurance concerns, etc.

5. Ms. Thelma
Ms. Thelma has been sick for several weeks with bronchitis.
She seems to be on the mend, but she has an appointment with her doctor today.

6. Ms. Thelma's Dad
Please keep him in your prayers. He's facing some health problems.

7. Mr. Tommy
Mr. Tommy has several health concerns and needs our prayers.
Also...please pray that he will realize that he needs the Lord.

8. Mr. Tommy Harper
Mr. Harper started out with an infection on his hand, and it's turned into something so severe that he is not on a ventilator.

9. Family and friends of Robert Jones

10. Ms. Julia Fisher
Ms. Julia is home from the hospital. She is having some heart problems.

11. Ms. Lauren
Ms. Lauren will be having gallbladder surgery on April 21st.

12. Ms. Tiffany Cate
Ms. Tiffany had surgery on Monday, and there was NO CANCER!!!

13. Ms. Gladys Adkins
Ms. Adkins had a stroke and is in a coma.

14. Ms. Haley Cole
Ms. Haley will be having her tonsils and adenoids out on April 13th.

15. Mr. Steve Mayne
Mr. Steve will be having an MRI and meeting with a surgeon at the VA.

16. Robbie Stiles
Please keep Robbie and his family in your prayers.
He's only nine years old, but is facing heart surgery this summer.

17. Mr. R. A. Kyker
Mr. Kyker has cancer.

18. Mr. George Cate
Mr. George had eye surgery and is doing well, except for the stitches.

19. Mr. Charles and Ms. Ann Hayes
Please keep this couple in your prayers, as they have several health problems, including cancer.

2 Chronicles 6:19 (NLT)
Nevertheless, listen to my prayer and my plea,
ord my God.
Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is making to you.

In His Love...and with mine!!!

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