Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Creeping Crud..... maybe I haven't coughed up a lung....yet.....but, I feel I've gotten close!!!
Somebody (not naming any names)....decided that HE just had to share HIS cold with I am now the proud owner of THE CREEPING CRUD!!!
That's as good a name as any for this sinus/cold/cough/sort throat/tickly/snotty stuff.....that seems to have settled in for the long haul!!!
I can pretty much handle being "sick"....except, for the coughing.
It feels like my head is gonna explode with every single cough....and how many times can a person clear her throat in an hour's time
(not that I've kept count)????
So...just wanted to share this little ailment with you....along with the fact that my wrist is so sore that it sometimes throbs....and it's wrapped in a black Velcro stretchy thingie as I type this...oh, and has some kind of super smelly stuff that I rubbed on it called "Sore No More"...which, I have to a little miracle salve!!!
Okay...I'm off to bed....again....I told some buddies of mine that I've shared my time this weekend between the couch on the back porch and the bed....didn't want to make either of them jealous!!!
I've totally bonded with them both!!!
Hope each of you had an amazing weekend.....and I truly hope none of you can catch this stuff just because you stopped by and read this post!!!
If so....please accept my sincerest apologies!!
Send me your address....
I'll mail you a box of Kleenex!!!

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Proverbs 16:24