Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do not try this at home!!!!

We have two church pews that I dearly love. The red one has been at home on our front porch and the other one....well, he hasn't weathered very well because he's been living on our back deck, right beside the back door...so we could sit there and take our shoes off if we've been working in the yard...or just sit down and rest from all the physical labor....which my body is definitely not used to!!!! But...I had a light-bulb moment a few weeks ago and decided that the red one needed to live in our sun room (which will forever be known as "the back porch"....even the boys know that's what it's called....because almost 30 years ago, that's what it started out as...a deck, then a porch, now a sun room). The weathered pew would move to the front porch out of the weather!!! So...yesterday...during breaks in the rain, I decided that I would do this task....all by myself!!! Do you know how much an old church pew weighs???? I don't have a clue, but they are solid as a rock and heavy as lead. I wasn't at all concerned about hurting myself....but I did ask God to not let me harm anything else...doors, floors, etc. Well, the red pew is now in...on...our back porch (sun room)....the weathered pew is on the front porch, out of the weather (and will be a painting project for another day)....and all is right with the world...well....except for my poor wrists, which haven't healed yet from shoveling gravel....have any of you noticed that getting old ain't pretty?!?!?!?!

Here's a pic of the pew in it's new found home. I can already picture the boys standing up there looking out the window...putting their little hands and faces on my clean windows (ha! ha!)!!!

See that little fabric rocking chair?? That was mine when I was a little girl...and I can still sit in it to this day....please don't doubt me, it's true!!! The other one, I bought at a yard sale, and painted it red. Our boys will get both of them, but I'm giving them to Jess so she can decide who gets which one....I won't be held responsible for making that decision!!!!

And...see the bushel basket turned upside down....that came from Mamaw's barn.
It's gonna hold a lamp, as soon as I can scrounge one up from somewhere else in the house.

And...the old cabinet holding the TV and quilts...another thrift store find. I did nothing to fix that one up, Pappy just had to build a shelf to hold the TV!!! It even still has initials carved into it....I say it gives it character!!!

And...the quilts...they were all made by my Mamaw's
and Great-Mamaw's!!!

I Red heart old stuff...especially old family stuff!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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