Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prayerful Thursday you take it for granted, like I do?
Do me...even realize what a true privilege it is to get to go to our Lord in, or night???
It's sort of like breathing....I breathe without even thinking about and out....without any conscious effort, most of the time.
Same goes with prayer!!!
I don't feel like I have to bow my head and make it all formal....not like I used to.
I can talk to God with my eyes wide open!!! Our pastor talked about prayer a bit a few weeks ago and said that of all the prayers that he had heard over his lifetime, there was only one that really stood out to him. I'm not sure I have even one...not that others have prayed...but I do remember some of those that I've offered up....because....a lot of them were when I was in some kind of desperate least it seemed that way at the time!!!!
I've sat in my car and prayed.....I used to go to the bathroom at work when I got under a bit too much stress and would pray....I've prayed sitting in church, even when it's not the "designated time" to pray....and when it is. I pray when I have our boys, not only a prayer of thanks to God for the privilege of being their Nannie....but that He'll watch over them and I'll live to some day see them give their hearts to Him. I pray when I hear Pappy leave in the mornings that God will put a hedge of protection around his truck...and his job. I pull into my driveway and see my home and I thank God for what He's seen fit to bless me with. I look at the flowers in my yard and the birds (especially the cardinals) at the feeders, or just pulling worms from the ground, and I thank God for me being right that specific get to see His creation. I pray for the salvation of family members who I know don't have a personal relationship with the Lord. I pray for those who are going thru hard times....loss of jobs, health problems....even death.
No....I could never remember all the prayers I've heard others pray....or, even the ones I've prayed. But...there are a couple of prayers I will never ever forget praying. One...when my Daddy died....and Pappy and I were allowed to go back and see him and tell him "bye". The chaplain was in there...I wanted him to leave, but I'm sure there was some kind of crazy rule that he had to I was going to do some kind of harm to my own Daddy, who in reality wasn't really there anyway....he was already with Jesus. But...I remember talking to him, like he could actually hear me...and I think he could, no matter what anybody else thinks...but in somewhat of a prayer...since he was in heaven and all....I told him how much I loved him and appreciated him being my Daddy...and what a good one he always was. The other prayer was one I prayed much more recently. It was a prayer at the bedside of a friend who was dying. We were gathered around him....and he recognized us, and lifted up his hand, and I took it and talked to him...can't even remember exactly what I said....but, I felt the urge to just pray...and pray out loud...and for those of you who know know that's not much like me. Oh, yeah, I can write this blog and pour my heart out and I can talk your head off on the phone...but I'm discovering a boldness for the Lord that I don't think I realized I had...until the past few years. Anyway....I had slipped my hand out of his, but he kept his right the same position....and I couldn't stand to see it I slipped mine back into his, and asked his wife if it was okay if I prayed. Of course, you have to know this lady....she's AMAZING....and she didn't have a problem at all, and I knew she wouldn' I prayed, and the words just came. Do you think...that even in talking to God....He still helps us with the words???
Well, I sure least with the confidence to do it!!!
Ephesians 3:12 (NLT)
Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence.
Thank you, Precious Father....for the privilege of allowing me to talk to you...any time I need to...or, just want to. Thank you so much for all the blessings You have sent my way....because this old lady sure doesn't deserve all the kindness You've shown me. I am so very honored to be able to claim to be a child of of Your chosen. WOW!!! How can you love me so much, God, when at times I can't even stand myself???? You amaze me with Your love....You amaze me that You allow me to even be a part of Your plan. I want absolutely nothing more...for the rest of my matter how few, or many....I want nothing more than to serve You.
It's the very least I can do, Lord!!!
In Jesus' Most Blessed and Holy Name....AMEN!
In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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