Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prayerful Thursday

Good Morning, my precious blog readers
(even those of you who NEVER EVER comment....
not even my friends, my buddies, my pals....
.....shame on you!!)
I had actually typed "God Morning", and had to go back and change it to Good....then, I got to thinking....what's wrong with "God Morning"?!?!?
Absolutely nothing, right???
Wouldn't that be a neat way to open up a discussion about our precious Lord....since....after all....He's the one who even allows us to say "Good Morning"?!?!
Let's start using that as our new greeting!!!!
Oh, I like it...I think I'm onto something, don't you???
And, I just thought it was a way....
"it's not odd, it's God"!!!!!
Prayer Requests:
1. Family of Sonny Gray
Mr. Sonny passed away last week. Please continue to keep Ms. Donna and her family....and our church your prayers, as we grieve the loss of Mr. Sonny.

2. Ms. Peggy Brooks and Ms. Shelby Franklin
These sweet ladies lost their Mother a few weeks ago. Please keep them and the rest of their family in your prayers as they go thru this time of loss.
3. Ms. Belinda Dunn
Ms. Belinda started her chemo treatments yesterday. I can only begin to imagine what she's going thru, not just the physical aspects, but also the emotional, too. Please, please keep Ms. Belinda and her family in your prayers as they go thru this very trying time in their lives. Pray for guidance from her doctors, and also that God will have His hand on her and will lessen the side effects from the treatments.

4. Ms. Norma Watson

Please continue to keep Ms. Norma in your prayers as she heals from surgery for colon cancer. God has definitely had His hand on her during her surgery and recovery. Her voice last week sounded "normal". She's regaining her strength, and we hope to see her back at church very, very soon!!!!

5. Robbie Stiles

I haven't gotten an update on Robbie in the past few weeks, but he's facing heart surgery this summer. Please keep this young man and his precious Mommy in your thoughts and prayers.

6. Family of Tiffany Cate

Ms. Tiffany was a young lady who just accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior about 6 weeks ago...then she died tragically the night before Mother's Day. Please keep her Mom and the rest of her family in your prayers. We know this is so difficult on them...but, praise the Lord, she had accepted Jesus into her heart!!!!

7. Anonymous Requests

We have several people in our church who are undergoing medical tests and/or treatments and therapy. Please offer up prayers for those who prefer that their names not be mentioned....God knows exactly who they are!!!!

When Jess got married....this song was sung at her Mr. Ronnie White. For those of you who have never heard him sing....or play the've missed a real treat!!! The Lord's Prayer set to music is a beautiful song....and there's nothing like little kids singing....hope y'all enjoy this rendition by a sweet little girl!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!!


  1. I think the "God Morning" is excellent ~ what a wonderful approach to all that crosses our path ~ To start each day with God ~ I know for the most part one of the very first thoughts I have before my size 5 1/2 feet hit the ground...I say good morning to HIM and quote the scriptures about " This is the day I WILL be glad and I WILL rejoice in it ...regardless what comes or goes I WILL be glad and rejoice IN HIM!
    Love your the little chirpers! :0)
    Have a very God Morning to you Deb!

  2. I love today's song you have playing ....


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24