Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thank You, Lord!!!

If you follow my "other blog", you'll know that the gist of my post yesterday was choosing to be happy when we wake up each morning!!!
Well, let me tell you what happened to me yesterday morning!!! I woke up with a major get up and take something and lay back down for a bit hoping to let the meds kick in and I can start my day. Jess calls and asks if I want to go somewhere with her, so I get ready and about the time I'm ready to head out the door, my phone rings and it's my Mom....with a I take down the info she needs me to check on for her, make the phone call, discover I can do it on-line (thank you, Lord!!!!)....look up what she needs, print it off, and take it to her, at my Mamaw's house. The people who live behind my Mamaw have a pack of dogs....I don't know how many, but I would consider about 6 dogs a pack, wouldn't you???? So, I pull up in the driveway, and everyone of these dogs (except the REALLY mean one at the back of the house chained up....thank you, Lord!!!)....start barking and coming at my car. I get out, hollering at them to get away....hurry into the house and give my Mom her paperwork, making her feel lots better (thank you, Lord!!!).
I tell her I'm headed to Jess' house, so I get in the car and notice it's difficult to fasten my seat belt, but I realize it's because my jacket is caught, so I pull it away, fasten my belt, and head on my merry way. At least I thought it was "merry". I get to Jess', reach down to unbuckle my belt...and it won't unbuckle. I push....and push....and push....on the red button....but, it won't budge. Jess comes out and says Big Brother is asking "Nannie come in the house"???? Well, Nannie can't because she's stuck in her car. Now...those of you who know me, know I'm not a skinny lady....but I'm trying to figure out how to wiggle my thunder thighs out of that belt!!! I asked Jess to bring me a case knife so I can try to pry the buckle for it's holder....of course she walks very slowly to my car, being facetious, telling me she's taking her time so I'll have to sit there even longer....well, the case knife didn't work anyway. I twist myself around so that I can get a better look at the buckle to see why in the world it won't let me loose....and realize that the zipper pull from my jacket is crammed down in between the buckle and the holder, causing it to jam. So...I ask my precious daughter for a pair of wire pliers....and that did the trick (thank You, Lord). I put the pull back on my jacket....but not before we spent some time horse laughing about the whole situation.
Being the photographer she is, I'm surprised she didn't document the entire thing!!! At least we had a good laugh!!!
I won't even give you the intimate details of the rest of my day...they weren't quite as funny....but they do include realizing that our current cell phone plan just doesn't include enough minutes.....and we're even dipping into our "milky" (roll-over) I spent part of my afternoon on the phone with our carrier getting that taken care of.....ARGH!!!!!
And, people wonder what I do all day since I don't "work"!!!!!

p.s. - I went to bed with the same headache that I woke up with....:( ....wonder all could be

Thank You, Lord!!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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