Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Prayer Requests

We didn't have our Wednesday night service, due to a funeral being held at church, so I don't have a list of prayer requests to share with you this week, other than some of the ones who still need to stay in our thoughts and prayers.
Please pray for the family of Tiffany Cate. Miss Tiffany passed away over the weekend. I cannot even imagine what her Mom is going thru. Sunday had to be especially difficult for her since it was Mother's Day.
Also, please pray for the family of David Jersey. He is Mr. Lloyd's brother-in-law, and he passed away very unexpectedly Monday his sleep...and he was only 46 years old.
Please continue to pray for Ms. Norma Watson (who by the way was at church Sunday looking very good!!!). God has truly brought her so far and we pray that He will continue to have His might hand on her healing!!!
Please keep Mr. Sonny Gray (and his precious wife, Donna) in your prayers. Mr. Sonny has a terminal brain tumor. This family truly needs our prayers and our support.
Please offer up prayers for Ms. Belinda Dunn who will be undergoing chemotherapy soon for breast cancer. I know that all of us ladies feel for any lady diagnosed with breast cancer, thinking that it could very well be us!!
Please keep precious Ms. Bertha James in your prayers. She will be having radiation for a tumor in her lung as soon as the treatments can be set up.

All of these precious people go to church with us.
What would we do without our church family?
I know our own immediate families means so much to us...but there's also nothing like the support of our church family to rally around and pray for us and love us....unconditionally!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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