Saturday, May 16, 2009


Did you happen to watch The Preakness???
I've already shared with you all how much I love, love, love The Kentucky Derby....well, I also love The Preakness...and The Belmont Stakes!!! And, you also know that I have never been to the KD....and have never bet on a horse....but that definitely doesn't keep me from watching the race!!!
But....did you watch The Preakness????
First time in EIGHTY-FIVE years that aGIRL had won The Preakness....and....the first time that a jockey had given up a chance to win the triple crown!!!
The boys were here and I was hollering, "come on Calvin, come on Calvin"....Big Brother was looking at me like I'd lost my mind...'cause Nannie doesn't get excited very often...ha! ha!
So...congratulations Rachel Alexandra....and Calvin Borel....and everybody associated with the win.
Thank you for allowing a simple old lady from a little known speck on the map a little enjoyment!!! I told Pappy that there are very few things that I would really like to do....but going to The Kentucky Derby would have to be considered a dream of mine.
Sigh.... ;0)
In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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