Monday, May 25, 2009

Yard Sale and Goodwill Finds

This was a weekend for bargains for me!!!

On Saturday I went to a yard sale with Jess and Little Bit, and here are some things that I snatched up....not to wear, but to use for crafts. Each one of these outfits included the tunic, pants and a scarf. They belonged to a lady from India, and they are absolutely beautiful, with lots of embroidery, sequins and details. Guess how much....go ahead, make a guess!!!


Oh, the possibilities are endless....pillows.....purses.....fabric flowers.....curtain any of you have any other suggestions????

Well, besides just going ahead and wearing them

(they're way too small for me, though!!!)

Embroidery down the front and back of this one!!!

Look at the details....I even love the buttons!!!!

This one has embroidery all over the tunic....gorgeous!!!

This one....I wish I could wear. This pic doesn't do it any justice at all. It's really heavy with sequins and embroidery....just beautiful!!! Wish I could have met the lady who wore these....and actually seen her wearing them!!!

Jess wants a pillow out of this one!!!
I'm thinking it would look really good in her new craft room, especially if she goes with teal, or turquoise (my daughter is definitely not shy about color!!!)

Pappy and I took a little trip to a local Goodwill this morning,
and here are some of the bargains I snatched up!!!

As I was headed out the door, I saw this wooden "flag"...
they weren't sure it was for sale, but since it didn't have the owner's initials on it, they sold it to me for $1.75.
It's hanging on my back door right now!!!

This is my very favorite.

For those of you who know know I love metal stuff.

I'll show you some of the metal around my yard......
maybe next week!!!

But....this was sitting back there with some of the homegoods stuff in the Goodwill store....and it had my name written all over it....especially, the price tag!!!'re reading that right.


The precious little lady who rang it up couldn't believe it, either!!!!

Pappy held it up over the back door and it looks soooooo good will probably be his...
yes, I think it's a he...
new home!!!

So...what did the rest of you snatch up yard saleing, or thrifting, this weekend????

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Rhoda at Southern Hospitality

found at her local yard sales....and check out all the visitors that linked up showing off their finds!!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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