Sunday, June 7, 2009

Extreme Makeover Between Naps on the Porch ....invites her readers to join her Metamorphosis Monday....and Diane at A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words invites us to join her 2nd Time Around here's my contribution!!!
I "inherited" this little cabinet from my mother-in-law. Last winter, as some of her things were divided up between her kids, I told Pappy I would like to have this. I thought it would be just the thing to use in my craft room (like there's not enough in there already) hold things like ribbons, pins, needles, thread, etc.

One day I just decided that she was a little too plain....that she needed an "extreme makeover".'s what I did....I pryed the little knobs off each drawer....they had been nailed on and it took an act of Congress to get those little things off of there!!!

I painted them in colors that coordinate with the baskets that hold my yarn:

I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased scrapbook papers that coordinate with the baskets, too!!!

Somewhere along the way I decided that I didn't like her in green.....that she was way too I sanded her down (except for the drawers)....used spray adhesive to attach the papers that I had cut to size to the drawers....watered down some brown paint and "antiqued" the papers so they wouldn't be so bright...and painted around the outside edges of the drawers and paper.

Here are all the supplies I used:

Now...right here I want to say....I've never been a very good painter....neither with a can of spray paint, or a brush....but....this was the best spray paint I've ever used. It said right on the can that it was good for went on very smooth....and I was so happy with it. I prayed while painting that there would be enough to cover the entire cabinet....and there was!!! Thank you, Lord!!!

And....are you ready for the final reveal???

Here she is....all finished!!!



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