Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prayerful Thursday

Dearest Prayer Warriors,

I have no idea...absolutely no clue...what I would do without the prayers of my dear friends. I have a very special....precious friend....who several years ago asked me to be her prayer partner. At the time, we knew each other from school....and had gone to church together for a short time...but didn't really "KNOW" each other. But, due to a class we were in together...and the leader asking us to pick a prayer partner...and the Lord prompting her to ask me...we've become very close friends. I thank my precious Lord for His prompting....and her obeying....and that we've been able to watch each other grow in the Lord....and oh, the prayers we've seen answered...and the miracles we've witnessed the Lord perform!!!! I thank her for each and every prayer she's offered up for me....and for her encouragement...and her love and faithfulness to God!!! I dedicate this verse of scripture to her:

Proverbs 27:17 (KJV)
Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Here are our prayer requests for this week:

1. Mr. Glen Simerly

Mr. Glen is our brother-in-law, and he had a procedure yesterday for an aortic aneurysm. Please keep him in your prayers that what the doctors did works...also keep his wife, our sister, Betty, in your prayers.

2. Family of Ray Justice

Please pray f0r this family where death has entered and taken a loved one.

3. Mr. David

Mr. David is having back trouble and also has strep throat.

4. Mr. Cecil Cates

Mr. Cecil has suffered a heart attack.

5. Ms. Bertha James

Ms. Bertha has several health problems, including cancer and congestive heart failure....and is very weak. This lady is in my Sunday school class...and I wish all of you could hear her give her testimony of what God has done for her....WOW!!! She's an amazing lady...please say an extra special prayer for her!!!

6. Ms. Belinda Dunn

Ms. Belinda has breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy, but keeps on keeping on. She was at church last night, and I caught a glimpse of her wearing one of her special hats!!!

7. Miss Andrea Christie
Miss Andrea will be having her wisdom teeth removed.
8. Pam (Ms. Thelma's step-sister)
Ms. Thelma is my Sunday school teacher (and an amazing one at that!!!). Her step-sister Pam who lives in Kentucky had surgery last evening.
9. Mr. Pat Dooley

Mr. Pat has been in the hospital but is back home now, but is still in very serious condition. Many, many years ago, I worked for the same company as this gentleman, and he is such a sweet, kind man, and so is his wife. I went all thru school with his wife's sister. Please keep this family in your prayers.

10. Ms. Jeri

Please pray for Ms. Jeri as she has tests done for possible gallbladder problems.

11. Ms. Bibbon

Ms. Bibbon had gallbladder surgery on Tuesday.

12. Mr. Adam Stiles

Please keep Mr. Adam in your prayers. He hurt his arm at work a couple of weeks ago and his injury is going to require at least 3 to 4 months of therapy.

13. Anonymous

~~~A lady who experiences a lot of back pain and the doctors can't seem to find what's going on with her, even after numerous tests.

~~~A friend of mine who has been sick with a terrible stomach virus.

~~~An unspoken request for a lady who is having problems with swelling.

~~~A friend who's husband is out of work and trying to decide on a possible career move.

~~~The son of a friend who will be leaving home for a year to go and live with his Dad.

14. Beech Springs Baptist Church
Please be much in prayer for our church as we search for a pastor. Please pray for our Pastor Search Committee that God will grant each of them discernment and guide them to the man He wants to shepherd our church!!!! I've heard this phrase several times lately....and I believe it's true for our church....
I truly believe God has BIG things in store for us....if we'll only follow HIS guidance!!!
Thanks to each of you for your faithfulness to my blog and for your prayers for each of the people I list each week. Also...thanks to Ms. Peggi who drew my name at Bible study Monday must be one faithful prayer warrior because between you and my precious friend...I'm feeling like a different woman!!!!!
I came across this song by Patty Griffin....and.....I love the the words....take a listen and see if you don't agree!!!
I wish each and every one of you reading this....a "Heavenly Day"!!!!!
(be sure and turn off my PlayList first)

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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