Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Morning Prayer Requests

God Morning, All!!!
I have a few prayer requests for y'all this morning and maybe you can share them with other prayer warriors that you know.
1. Mr. Adam Stiles
Adam got injured at his work and his injury is going to require therapy and quite some time to heal. Please pray for God's healing hand on Adam that his injury will mend and he will get back to being able to use his hand and arm very soon. Also, please pray for his wife, Marenda, and their family as their youngest son, Robbie, will be facing heart surgery soon.
2. My friend, Ms. D.
I have a very special friend who has requested prayer for her husband and a situation on his job. Please pray that God will "lead, guide and direct" both of them as to what He wants. Also, pray for for God's discernment in making the right decision.
3. Mrs. Keller
This lady is the mother of my friend, Ms. Robin. She has the beginnings of Alzheimer's and Robin's Dad says she is getting worse. Please pray for this situation, and for this family, as they are faced with dealing with this illness.
4. My friend, Ms. J.
I have a friend who lost her job several months ago and has been going to school for some specialized training. She failed the exam to be certified, and she is devastated. Please pray for God to give her peace and to help her study and learn and to pass the next one with flying colors!!!
5. My Mamaw
Please pray a special prayer for my Mamaw. I've told you all before that she will be 98 this year, and is still at home. My Mom and my Aunt are her caregivers. She seems to be getting much weaker. Please pray for God's guidance for all involved....and pray for my Mamaw that God will continue to have His hand of mercy on her. She is very, very special to our family.
6. Beech Springs Baptist Church Youth and Youth Leaders
Please pray for our youth and our youth leaders as they depart today on a mission trip to South Carolina. Please pray that God will give them traveling grace, and that their journey will be very productive in helping others and in getting the word of God and His love for others spread to those who might have never heard it....or need a reminder!!!
In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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