Saturday, July 11, 2009

A bit rusty....

....around the edges!!!

Have I mentioned how much I love "rust"?

Well....Ms. Dawn understands...she loves it, too!!
And....Jess has even found a solution to make things "rust rapidly"!!!

Pappy and I got both of these at a nursery in South Carolina when we celebrated our 25th anniversary. The first thing my Mom said when she saw the second one was ......"you are going to paint it, aren't you"?

She just doesn't understand my love of rust!!!

These have to be the most comfortable chairs to sit in.....ever!!! I actually have cushions for them, but don't keep them outside all the time, and was too lazy to go get them for the pic!!! And...yes...they're a bit "rusty"!!! We only gave, I think, $5/each for these. We got an amazing deal on some "rusty" stuff from this guy we went to school with who used to own a business!!!

These birds....oh, how I love them!!! Wouldn't trade them for nuttin'!!! They came from the same nursery in South Carolina, and were a 25th wedding gift to each other!

Old wagon wheel and a rusty rooster...holding hen and chickens...get it?!?!?

An old wheelbarrow holding hostas

A rusty sit down under the shade tree when you're pooped from push mowing the yard...which reminds me....I've gotta do that this week!!!

A rusty butterfly

An old plow

Axle and wheels off an old wagon

And...last but not least....I saw this bundle of barbed wire on a fence post on some property my aunt owns and had my Mom ask her if I could have it. Again...neither understand the barbed wire wreath. I like's so me...rusty and full of barbs...ha! ha!
It's hanging on an old rusty hook that came from my Mamaw. When I was a baby...many years ago...Mom and Dad lived with my grandparents until I was about a year old. I had a baby swing that hung from a hook on the back porch, and when they put siding on the house....Mamaw gave me the hook!!!

So...that's that about that....just a sample of my love of "rust"!!!

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