Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Food Fun

Today's recipe is super-duper....easy-peasy!!!
I made this earlier in the week and halved it with our son-in-law for his 31st birthday!!

Happy Belated Birthday to "The Dad"!!!!

(actual pic of my "fruit pizza")

Fruit Pizza

I didn't actually follow a recipe......just sort of did this the way I wanted to!!!

First, I spread a roll of sugar cookie dough into the pizza pan and baked it until it was golden brown. While it was baking I cut up my fruit. I used strawberries, white grapes, bananas and peaches. I wanted to also include kiwi....just for Jess....but they didn't have any at our little local store. I would have liked blueberries, too, but Pappy isn't so fond of those!!

Next...take a package of softened cream cheese....I softened it in the microwave because I had forgotten to lay it out ahead of time. I added part of a small container of cool-whip to the cream cheese...and also just a smidgen of sugar....and mixed it all up really well...and spread it on the cookie crust.

Then....I just started layering my fruit. It started out really pretty...but in the end I just made sure that all the fruit was pushed down into the cream cheese mixture!!!

Slice into "pizza slices".....refrigerate any leftovers!!

In my opinion, this is much better the next day....after the cookie dough gets a bit "soggy"!!!!

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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  1. Yummy! Thank you for your kind words as usual on my blog....a friend of mine makes something sorta like this but she doesn't bake the sugar cookie is delish raw also!


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