Thursday, July 2, 2009

Possums and Birds and Skunks...oh my!!!

What's up with the huge increas in the animal population lately?
Could it have somthing to do with the long, cold winter?!?!?

Here's why....Monday morning when I walked....there was a possum...yes, a possum....and I had never seen one before, at least not one that wasn't road kill...or at a zoo...but there was a possum that moseyed across the road in front of me. And, what color are possums, anyway??? This one was white with black spots. I thought at first it was a cat...but not with that tail and snout!!!

Then...yesterday....I was driving along minding my own business....and a huge bird flew up out of some trees along the side of the was a huge bird...with a SNAKE hanging out of its mouth!!!
I about died!!!
I'm just grateful it didn't drop it and it land on my windshield.
Oh, I would have me a totalled car this morning if that had happened.
Then, this morning when I walked....there was a skunk somewhere...or had been the very close proximity of my house.
It stunk walking down our road!!!
I've also noticed lately lots of bunnies....and squirrels....and even more birds than in past years!!!

So...what's up with all the animals?!?!?!
I'm still thinking it had something with those long, cold, boring winter days!!
ha! ha!


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