Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prayerful Thursday

God Morning, Precious Blog Readers!!!
Can you believe that another week has almost come and gone....
....actually almost another month?!?!?!?
Where in the world does time go???
Remember when you were little and it just seemed like F-O-R-E-V-E-R when your parents would tell you about some upcoming event....or Christmas....or, your birthday????
Boy, now, birthdays come a bit too swift for me!!!
Oh, well....such is life.....and the only alternative know what I'm talkin' about!!!!

So...enough said about that....let's get to some prayer requests and praises!!!!

1. Mr. Kenny

I heard from Kenny's Mom, Marenda....and he is doing FANTASTIC!!! Praise the Lord!!!! He has a doctor check up today, and they should be on their way home tomorrow!! Plus....they got into the Ronald McDonald House so that cut down a lot on their expense. Again...thank you, Precious Lord!!!
2. Mr. Charles Hayes
lease keep Charles and his wife, Ann, in your prayers. He has cancer and isn't doing very well at all.
3. Mr. Brock
Please continue to remember Brock in your prayers. He is almost 4 years old and had his tonsils out this week...he's still in quite a bit of pain. It just hurts my heart to hear about kids being in pain. Also, remember his Mommy and Daddy.
4. Mr. Lucas
This is a bit out, but Lucas will be having hernia surgery in August. He's only 2 years old, so please keep him and his sweet Mommy in your prayers!!!
5. Beech Springs Baptist Church
Please continue to remember our church in your prayers, and also our Pastor Search Committee. Please pray for God's will be done in sending us just the right pastor and leader!!!
6. Mr. Charlie Franklin
Please continue to remember Mr. Franklin in your prayers. He is the Dad of a co-worker of one of my good friends. Mr. Franklin has cancer and has been having some other problems, too, such as pneumonia.
7. Ms. Belinda
Ms. Belinda has her last chemo treatment for breast cancer next week .... YAY!!! The shot that she has to take to keep her white blood cell count up causes her tremendous pain. Please pray hard that this last treatment will go better than the last ones....and that the shot won't be nearly as hard on her body. Also, please pray as she will be going thru 6 weeks of radiation....5 days a week!!!
8. Several Anonymous Requests
I've heard this week....actually for the past several weeks....of several couples who are separating and/or divorcing. This just breaks my heart. What is with it when people take their wedding vows?? Don't they listen to what they're actually committing to??? Here's the thing...and please know that I'm not judging...only observing....out of about 7 different couples having problems.....only 2 of them were in church regularly....and one of them, only the wife. Again I'm not passing judgment...but marriage takes 3. I wish people would realize that when they took their wedding vows:
Irregardless, please keep all of these in your prayers....
there are children involved in all of the marriages!!!

Okay....that's that about that for our Thursday prayer requests. Please keep each of these situations in your thoughts and prayers that God will bring comfort, guidance, peace and discernment....wherever it's needed!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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