Friday, July 17, 2009

A Work in Progress it's not the neatest space in the should see the part I'm not willing to show...but this is my sewing/craft room. It's still very much a work in progress....and until I can get Pappy to move more of his stuff out of this room...then, I'm not sure it's going to ever be exactly what I like....but...I'm enjoying having this space all to myself!!! It's not a very big room, which none of our bedrooms are, including the master...:('s big enough for my's a little explanation of what's what!!

Several years ago, Pappy decided this would be my craft room, and he made me this peg board. It's mounted onto a door which is the "table/work surface". The outside of it is cork, so that I can stick patterns up there for whatever I'm working on. I like that my thread is all right there handy. And...I love that rotary cutting mat...that thing has come in so very handy!!! The first rotary cutter I ever had was on sale at Wally World several years ago...and my other one was a gift....yay for sales and freebies!!! If you craft, or sew a really need to invest in a mat and cutter...they save sooooo much time!!!

This is my "sewing table". It's actually an old piece of our first kitchen counter sitting on top of two file cabinets...and between 2 book shelves...that hold all kinds of odds and ends...books, magazines, patterns...AND JUNK!!! Sorry, I didn't get a pic of them. The file cabinets were freebies from the lady I used to work for (being in the demo business really came in handy!!!) Pappy spray painted the cabinets in a "stone" finish. My former boss also bought me the tapestry that hangs on the window as a Christmas present one year. I love it!!! Notice the little cabinet to the left that was my "extreme makeover" in a previous post.

Every one of these baskets are full of YARN!!! (baskets came from Dollar Tree) I'm not sure I'll ever crochet all of it up. I do have some ideas for making Christmas gifts!!! That should use part of it. Crocheting for me is more of a winter-time hobby....I can't get excited about it in the summer time, since I'm usually making things to be worn in cold weather!!!

Well...that's that about that....I can't wait for you all to see pics of Jess' craft room once she gets moved in and gets it all set up. It's about twice the size of mine...and painted the most beautiful shade of....well...I'll let her surprise you all with that!!!!'s beautiful!!! It will put my little room to shame!!! But...I'll take what I can, if I can just get Pappy to get a move on!!!!


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