Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prayerful Thursday

During the last couple of weeks, our church and community have suffered several losses. Please keep the following families in your prayers as they continue to grieve the loss of a precious loved one:
The Roushey Family
The Cates Family
The Webster Family
The Hayes Family
The Watson Family
Here are few more requests for all you Prayer Warriors:
1. Mr. Eugene Hinkle
Mr. Hinkle had heart by-pass surgery yesterday and had five blockages. He's having a few health concerns, so please keep him and his family in your prayers.

2. Mr. Ronnie Riley

Prayer was requested for him at church last night, but no reason was given.

3. Miss Kadie Bremer
Miss Kadie is about 6 weeks old and had surgery yesterday for club feet. She has been in a cast since she was born, and will have to continue to wear a cast on her legs for 4 more weeks. Please keep this precious little baby girl, and her Mommy and Daddy...and big sister and your prayers.
4. Ms. Jill
Ms. Jill is a friend of my friend, Dawn. She has serious health problems. Please keep her in your prayers, and also pray for traveling mercies for Dawn and her husband as they possibly go to visit her this weekend in SC.
5. Miss Brianna
Please continue to pray for Miss Brianna's upcoming surgery.
6. Baby Keelyn
This little baby girl is only 2 years old and has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. Please keep her and her family...and her your prayers.
7. Ms. Belinda Dunn
Please continue to keep Ms. Belinda in your prayers. She has completed her chemotherapy for breast cancer, but will be undergoing radiation in the up coming weeks.
8. Mr. Bucky Dunn
Mr. Bucky is Belinda's husband. He was in a car accident recently and hurt his back really badly. Please keep this family in your prayers as they go thru this very trying time.
9. Ms. Norma Watson
This one is a praise....Ms. Norma got the report this week that she is 100% CANCER FREE!!
Thank you, Lord!!!
10. BSBC Pastor Search Committee
Please continue to keep our church in your prayers as we seek God's will in calling a new pastor. Please pray for the members of our search committee that they will be open and receptive to God's speaking, and also that the one He's preparing will listen to that "still small voice"!!!
Thanks to each of you for your thoughts and prayers and concerns since my "Damsel in Distress" post last week. Things are looking up. I praise God for Christian doctors...and Christian friends...and a supportive husband!!!
In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Done!

    I was worried about your damsel in distress post and prayed for you. You request all of these prayers for people, but maybe squeeze yourself on the list occasionally :)

  2. I am glad you are doing better. If there is anything specific we can pray about let us know.

  3. Prayer a mighty weapon against darkness hate and death .... who is without need of prayer?

    Love ya Ms Deb


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24