Thursday, August 27, 2009

Prayerful Thursday

Thanks to all of you who stop by every Thursday to see who all we've put on our prayer request list for the week. I appreciate all of you prayer warriors so very much, and I know that each person we list appreciates you even more. I want to share a little something with each of you about prayer. Our oldest grandson who just turned three is enrolled in a Mother's Day Out program and his first day was Tuesday. I received a text message from Jess telling me that when they got in the car....he put his little hands together and told her, "Pray for me, Mommy".
Out of the mouths of babes!!

1. Family and friends of Mr. Sam Hawkins
2. Family and friends of Mr. Ray Hancock
3. Mr. Jim Christian
Mr. Jim will be having knee surgery this morning.
4. Ms. Lillie Widner
Ms. Lillie had hip replacement surgery last week and will be coming home from the hospital....hopefully this weekend.
5. Ryan Fossum
This young man is a football player at Sevier County High School. He suffered an injury on the field yesterday and is in serious condition at UT Hospital.
6. Ms. Ruth Thompson
Ms. Ruth is having some health problems and will be undergoing tests on Monday with possible surgery following.
7. Ms. Jama Hance
Ms. Jama had surgery this week and is at home recovering.
8. Ms. Drama
Please be much in prayer for Ms. Drama and her family. She has had a lot of crisis in her family this past week, including her daughter, brother and Dad.
9. Mr. Ronnie French
Mr. French will be having surgery for a brain tumor.
10. Pastor Search Committee at BSBC
Please continue to pray for our church as we seek a new pastor.
11. Prayer Walk
Please pray for the prayer walk we will be having at our church this coming Sunday afternoon. All of you reading my blog who belong to BSBC....come out and support our church by praying over each area of our church...and each ministry!!!
Hope each of you have a Terrific Thursday!!!
In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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  1. It is done. And you'd be proud of me like God. I stood up and mentioned to the youth that they are every part of our church and are welcome to do this prayer walk and mentioned how our altars across the nations are empty. Didn't all come out like I rehearsed in my mind but at least I stood up and said something, as nervous as I was. I obeyed God and that's most important to do for He gripped my heart about this. See, He's working on me. Thanks Love ya..:)


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