Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Very Special Prayer Request

How many of you are keeping up with the trial of the men accused of the brutal assault and murder of the couple in Knoxville? It's really difficult to not know all about it because of newspapers and TV and....of course....the Internet. Often we read about those things and don't really take the time to stop and think....
It's not just a made-up story for a television show, or a movie. Somebody actually brutally assaulted....raped....and murdered another human being. How could this happen??? I talked about this very thing with a friend of mine yesterday, as we talked a bit about this trial. If you go on-line you can listen to the medical examiners testimony of every little detail of the assault on the young lady.....but I don't advise it.
Is is any wonder that this young lady's father was ready to attack the man on trial for what he was saying about his daughter?
This leads me to a very special prayer request that I've received from a friend. She has a co-worker who has a child in an assisted living facility. The child has been mentally, physically, and sexually abused. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. As a Mom myself....I cannot imagine the turmoil this Mom must be going thru. I pray for her and for her child....just as I pray for the families of the young couple who lost their lives in such a horrible, cruel way.

In His Most Precious Love...and with mine!!!

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