Saturday, August 22, 2009

What was God thinking???

Do you think God gets upset at us for questioning Him?
I really don't think He does...not when we just wonder what in the world He must have been thinking when He allowed certain things to happen.
Like....MENOPAUSE....for instance!!!
I'm suffering from menopause...BIG TIME!!!
To prove it....let me ask you a question.
What do stressed out...emotional...prone to panic attacks...miserable....mean....terrible attitude....moody.....hateful....cry baby....fearful for seemingly no reason.....and....DEPRESSED.....all have in common?
Well...I hate to admit this...but any of those words could have been used to describe me on any given day since the spring....especially the DEPRESSION.
I knew it...I felt it....but I just couldn't figure out what to do about it!!!
Okay...I know all about Eve in the Garden of Eden....and how she disobeyed God and even convinced Adam to do the same....and how because of her disobedience, she had to endure the pains of childbirth....I understand that "curse" was put on us girls because of all that!!!
But...did that cause God to be so angry that He also thought that He would allow us to go thru PMS...and MENOPAUSE....just to punish us all for the sin of one?!?!?
I searched the scriptures and here is the one verse that I found that probably has to do with "menopause":
Genesis 18:11 (KJV)
Now Abraham and Sarah were old and well stricken in age; and it ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of women.

Do you think that it was because of Sarah was going thru menopause is what caused her to make the irrational decision to let Hagar her maid sleep with her husband...and get pregnant by him...and then, Sarah (she was Sarai at this time) hated Hagar. Is it any wonder she hated her....I'm thinkin' that Ms. Sarai probably was pretty upset with herself about that time, too!!! What kind of sane woman would even consider doing something like that??? I'm tellin' 'ya...I believe it was the effects of menopause that caused that kind of thinking!!!
Ladies...I'm really trying to find some humor in all of this. Menopause has been made fun of for years. I remember reading about a woman being given a lighter sentence because she committed murder while under extreme PMS, or menopausal conditions...not sure which...but I totally understand why (not that I'm condoning murder). I told somebody that it was either kill, or be I had to do something!!!
My point is....if you are suffering from the symptoms of menopause....and they can be extremely severe for some women (I can attest to that....and you can ask Pappy...he can give you some examples....but shouldn't if he knows what's good for him...ha! ha!)....get thyself to your doctor. Explain everything to him/her and let them know how bad it is....and get their opinion on the best treatment for you. I realize that hormone replacement therapy is very controversial....and I have some qualms about it myself....but if I have to choose between the very small risk of cancer....and being able to function....then you can betcha I'm gonna keep on getting my prescription filled!!!
I thank God for a wonderful....amazing....Christian doctor....who sat and listened and counseled....and advised!!! She even told me that she prays every morning that God will give her the wisdom to know how to treat each patient she sees that day. Now...I ask you...who could ask for any more than that?!?!?!
In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Oh!! Debbie I hope you are feeling better. Yes, I wonder why woman have to be put through so much. God could have given them the menopause.

  2. Do you think that God gave us menopause because of Eve sinning? Do you ever wonder that yea when God cast them out of the garden and he made man labor for the food to survive and gave woman labor pains in child bearing that He also gave us a time limit on child bearing and put us through something for more worse than labor pains to remind us of the fall of man? Adam and Eve did something wrong and there was a price that had to be paid just like when we were children ourselves, we were punished because our earthly father loved us. Don't forget that saying: It's going to hurt me far more worse then it will hurt you. Don't you think God hurts when He punishes us? Just some wondering questions just like yours of "just to punish us all for the sin of one?" Hope you are getting better everyday and you are in my prayers. Love ya.......... :)


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