Thursday, September 17, 2009

A bit more about the laundry....closet!!!

I'm absolutely loving my new laundry "closet"!! I told Pappy it makes me keep my laundry done up and folded better...don't ask me why....but when things are neat, don't you just want to keep them that way?
(too bad the rest of my house looks like a cyclone went thru!!!)
Remember my post about "
Piece of Advice"....where I talked about taking down wallpaper and my laundry closet re-do?

Well...I actually found a pic that I thought I had deleted of the cabinet in the process of being painted and glazed:

After my laundry make-over....I wanted a new "hamper" for it. I saw one at WallyWorld that was $20....more than I wanted to I didn't buy it. I really wanted a basket....but it had to be kinda "skinny" to sit in the floor in front of my washer. I decided to go back to Wally World and get the hamper...but...I was at a different Wal-Mart...and they didn't have it!!

Yes, I was a bit disappointed...but...God had something "better" in store for me!!!

I headed to Big Lots...and....well, here's what I cost less!!!

Had to take a pic of inside the basket...since I forgot to take one of the outside before I started!!! See the brown "stripe" around the center?

I had some of the spray paint left from painting the cabinet...."oregano" that I taped off the center brown stripe....and painted it!!!

Here she is with her liner back inside!!! she is in her new home....already doing her thing...holding dirty laundry!!!

(just haven't decided if I want to "antique" the green, or not...decisions, decisions!!)


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