Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Week in Review

What a week!!! Pappy has been on "stay-cation" this week...we got lots done....HE got lots accomplished in our basement, which is something I've been asking/begging/pleading for...for about 10 years!!! Oh, how I wish he had about a month off (with pay, of course) finish what he's started!!! are a few things that made up my very busy week!!!

Our nephew is getting married in October, and I attended a shower for him and his bride-to-be on Sunday afternoon. Not only is he Pappy's nephew (mine, too!!!)...but in order to explain this....he's also a cousin to my cousin....I know it makes no cousin, Greg, carved this watermelon basket for the shower...isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!?!? He's a very talented fellow....I'm hoping to someday be able to post some of his wood carvings....if he'll ever give me one!!!!

(Greg...I'm still waiting on my Santa...and my snowman!!!)

On Monday morning, our doorbell rang....a little too early to suit me since I was taking Labor Day off from my walking...ha! ha! was Jess wanting me to go with her to a thrift store that was having a half-price are some of my bargains.....
Villager sweater....$1.50....Jess picked this one out...she can find things suitable for me better than I can!!!

Lands End sweater....I'm pretty sure this one has NEVER been worn...$1.50

I got this picture frame at the thrift store, too...and I think it was also $1.50. It's very well made...solid wood. I painted the groove with red craft paint to bring out the red in the cardinals. The cardinal print in it is a Jim Gray print that I got for $3.00....shipping a "thank you" because of another print that we bought as a housewarming / 30th birthday gift for our kids. The mat in the frame came from the flea market for $2!! Am I not one of the cheapest people you've ever meet (besides my daughter, of course)?!!?!? Let's not say "cheap", though...let's go with FRUGAL!!!

We were at Jess' house one evening....and Nannie had the privilege of giving our boys their bath!!! They are soooo funny....and sooooo sweet.....even if they do love Pappy the best!! ;)

This was the sky coming home one evening. It reminds me of the song "Midnight Cry" ...the lyrics that say, "when Jesus steps out on a cloud to call His children"!!!!

A vase....from FTD....that I got from the flea market...paid a bit more than I would have liked....$3....but.....she looks very at home in my "new" bathroom!!

I just had to take a pic of these beautiful peppers that were for sale at the flea market. The picture doesn't do them justice....they were sooo colorful....just like fall leaves!!!

And...speaking of "fall leaves"....I've put out my fall decorations this week....just couldn't wait. I'll share those with y'all next week....along "new bathroom".....can you guess what color I painted it???

( hand is not's paint!!)

Happy Saturday, everybody....hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!


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