Monday, October 5, 2009

The bathroom re(d)veal

Remember I told you that I was painting my bathroom.....and I showed you this give you a hint of the color?

And...I assured you that wasn't blood all over my hand!!!'s RED PAINT....actually the color is "CEDAR CHEST"!

And...I....LOVE IT!!!

The room is sooo much different....a little darker, which I probably don't like as well...but I'm lovin' the color!!!

I told somebody it makes me look like I have a tan when I look in the mirror!!!

So...without further goes.

First of's the tile work up around the bathtub. I did this several years ago. The larger 6" tile came from Knox Rail Salvage...and we bought EVERY SINGLE ONE THEY HAD IN STOCK. I would have really liked to have had more...but had to make these work. The "mosaic" pieces of tan, green and red came from....I think Home Depot. But the bad thing was...even though they were on a mesh strip...the space was too narrow for it to just lay right in had to take tile nippers and break them into pieces...and lay each of those little pieces in by one!!! It took F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!! At the time, Pappy was working second shift...and Jess had just gotten I was home alone every night...and this is what I did...tiled above the tub in the bathroom...and also underneath my kitchen cabinets. I might share that with you some time in the future!!!

But...I've always liked how this bathroom turned out! I'm showing you this so you'll understand where the idea for the red came from!!!

Shelf before....and the green walls. The mess at the top is from taking down the wallpaper border...sorry you didn't get a "before" of didn't miss a thing!!!

This is the shower curtain that was in there when the bath was green. It's pieced like a quilt.

Here's a pic of the new shower curtain....and a glimpse of the rug. The chair belonged to Pappy's Papaw...and it holds "reading material" for the potty!!


This is the "after" pic of the shelf. Pappy made that shelf for me several years ago!!! The only other thing I'm thinking about adding is an old window that came out of the house I grew up in...and hang the wreath on it

(thanks, Jess, for the idea!!!)

I know that paneling probably very much dates our home...but I love the bead board. One of these days...when I get up the nerve....I'll probably paint it and "antique" it!!!

(hey...did you notice what's on the towel?!?!?)

The picture below hangs on the bathroom door...yes, on the door!!!
Who says you can't hang a picture on your door???
Jess painted this picture for me when she was a teenager...and the colors are perfect for this room!!!

Maybe you can tell a bit more how it looks from this picture.

Another thing that I love about this bathroom is the vanity.....several years ago, we bought this antique dresser and Pappy installed a sink in it...and

I L-O-V-E it...especially the height!!!

So....that's that about that!!!

Whatta 'ya think about my new red bathroom?!?!?!?

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Metamorphosis Monday!!!



  1. Well I love the bead board! Outdated? Bead board never goes out of style. Your bathroom is very elegant and pretty.

  2. Deb, I love the red! You did a great job! Nice hands too!

  3. BEAUTIFUL job!! Your bathroom is really lovely!


  4. That looks beautiful.... a very cozy loo (as we would say in England)! ;-)

  5. God has given you a special talent. You are a handy woman! It is very beautiful!

  6. I love the bead board! And I love your bath in red!!! It is SO very warm and cozy now.

  7. Very nice redo of your bathroom! I really like that red (cedar). It looks great.

  8. Love that beadboard and the red makes it all look so cozy :o) Great job!
    peace, cindy
    (would love to have you pop over to my place for my first ever giveaway!)

  9. I do like the red--nice and homey!! I have always found that red walls feel cuddly to me! Like the tiles you did too.

    We have beadboard in one of our dining rooms. It is on my header. This house was built in the 40's and the beadboard was always painted.

  10. Oh this is lovely. I love that color red, and the beadboard is really nice. The showercurtain, everything is so well put together. It's perfect, thank you so much for sharing. It's great inspiration!!


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