Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Laughter really is.....

.....the best medicine!!!

(photo by Jessica Leigh Photography)

Did y'all know I'm a Grandmother?

No...really, you didn't know that?

Can't believe I've never mentioned that before now!!!

Well....I am....but, actually I'm Nannie. Started out being Nana....but that changed when Big Brother was about 2....and he started calling me Nannie...so now....Nannie I am!!!

The boys stayed with us a while yesterday afternoon/evening.....and they crack me up. They are hilarious. Both of them are adorable...but with Big Brother being the age he is....three going on thirteen....he's at that stage where he asks a million questions. But...how else is he going to learn, right...if he doesn't ask questions?

If he doesn't understand what I say at first...he'll ask, "What you say, Nannie"? I don't know why....but that just tickles me to death....I'm actually trying to keep from busting out laughing (because Pappy is asleep) as I type this!! I was putting his shoes on him, fixing to take him back to his Daddy and Momma...and I told him that I would give him and Little Bit a Tootsie Roll to eat on the way back to his house....he didn't understand what a Tootsie Roll was....which was when he asked, "What you say, Nannie"?....at which time I got very tickled....and then he did, too, and told me to quit laughing....and then was trying to tell Pappy that he was going to get chocolate candy....laughing his little head off at the same time.

Okay...you probably had to be there....but....may I say....just in case anybody is wondering....


(and I often wonder why God loves me so much.....

.....to bless me like He has!!!)



  1. Your grandsons are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. they are precious! i like your blog ideas above. especially the GET YOUR OWN IDEAS AND QUIT COPYING MINE! lol!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24