Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tip for Tuesday

Do you have curly hair.....permed, or natural?

I never realized I had a lick of curl in my hair...until....about 8 years ago when I just decided to quit getting perms. I'm finding the older I get (and the grayer my hair gets)....the curlier it gets, too!!

Ain't that just crazy???

I also cut my own hair (which is why it usually looks like I cut it myself!!). One night last week...I'd had enough...it was getting on my nerves....so out came the scissors. The next day, I went looking for a product just for curly hair...and here's what I found....and may I say...


I'm gonna have to stock up because about the time I find something I like...they go and discontinue it!!!

So...my tip for Tuesday....is get thyself some of this stuff if you have curly hair!!!

(I want my money back on all those crazy perms I got all those years....WAH))

(and, no....Garnier is not paying me to advertise for them...

.....don't I wish?!?!)



  1. Please send curls my way. I am graying but unlike you, with age I'm not curling! I to use to get perms, can't afford them now.

  2. So are you promising me if I purchase this spray ...my hair will go from Fro to Fab?? Promise??? Pinky Promise???


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Proverbs 16:24