Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gobble Gobble!!!

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I saw turkey hand print shirts on several blogs last year, but it was too late for me to make them for the boys. I'm surprised that I even remembered this year....but....well, sometimes the old memory kicks in and surprises me!!!

I first saw them on the blog Made With Love and Glue....which linked to a tutorial at One More Moore. Someone commented on the I followed her link to Cookie Monday's....and when I saw her little turkeys....I knew that's the kind I wanted the boys to have because they were a bit more "whimsical". to Wally World I buy the shirts. I thought I would do each of them entirely different....but....I decided they would be exactly alike....except for the fact that one faces right and one faces left!!!!
Here's my own little case you're interested!!!

First of all....wash and dry your shirt, just in case it might shrink. Trace around your little ones' hand to make their hand print. Cut it out!!! If you're doing a shirt for more than one child, you might want to write their name on the cutout. Not that I would ever forget which grandson was which...but I'm just sayin'!!! Cut a piece of fabric about 6"x 6"....this is too much, but just to be on the safe side and pin it to the underside of the front of the shirt with the decorative side facing the inside of the shirt (does that make sense?). In other words....the side of the decorative fabric that you want to make the turkey body. your hand print to the front of the shirt, centering it on your piece of fabric that's underneath. Sew around the hand print....either on the sewing machine, or by hand. I just happened to like how they looked doing it by hand better!!! Once you're finished sewing....very carefully....separate the piece of fabric underneath from the shirt....because you're going to cut around where you've just sewn...being extra careful not to cut thru the fabric underneath. Now...I got thru both shirts without this mishap...but I did say a little prayer before I started. I don't have any embroidery I used cuticle scissors...they worked great because of their curved edge...and I was able to get up close to the stitching with them!!!

After you get it cut out....embroider on legs and feet. Sew on the turkey wattle (you know that red hangy down thing underneath his beak). I like the looks of the red rick-rack for that (thanks, Heather). Here's how I made the beaks. At first I just cut them out of regular fabric...but it frayed too much for my ironed Wonder Under onto a piece of orange fabric...then ironed it onto orange felt....then cut out the beak shapes. The only tough part about that was trying to sew thru the layers, plus the sticky Wonder sew the beak on. Then, sew on a button for his eye....I chose blue buttons because our boys have beautiful blue eyes!!!

So....watcha think?

Easy-peasy little gifts for your little one!!

(other ideas....cut the hand print out of your fabric and Wonder Under it onto the shirt....or....dip their hand in paint and let them put their hand print on the shirt...then, add the beak, wattle, and eye)

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  1. Oh! SO cute! I hope my memory kicks in next year so I can make one for my new nephew! Thanks so much for sharing your project in the DIY holiday party! Love it! :)


  2. What a cute project for my kiddos to do. I clicked to follow and hope you'll come by

    Cheri from Its SO Very Cheri

  3. cute! My kids are prolly too big for this, but it (hopefully) won't be long till I have grandbabies to craft for. :o)
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Too dang cute!!! And what a keepsake!!!

  5. Aww! This is seriously adorable. What a great idea!

  6. Darling idea!!! What wonderful keepsakes!!! Treasures for sure!
    Mama Holli


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