Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mercy Me

Remember I told you....here....that Pappy and I were going on a date....to see Mercy Me?
 Well....it was this past Friday night....and it was AWESOME!!!

First to sing was Johnny Diaz....who has the hit song "More Beautiful You"....a song that I wish every young girl could/would watch before they go comparing themselves to others. 

Then....Tenth Avenue North came out and sang. I'm assuming that this band was the reason there were so many young people in the audience. My favorite by them is "Times"!  None of the fellows in this group looked to be over 12 years old...but you've gotta remember I'm kinda old!!!  What impressed me the most was when the lead singer, Mike....talked about God and scripture.  He was very knowledgeable to be so very young!!!  Kinda put me to shame!!!

But then....here were the ones we really came to see!!!
They were just....AMAZING!!!

 I really liked seeing them in such a small arena.  They even took the time to answer questions from the audience.  There were lots of prayers....by the pastor of Knoxville Christian Center....and also by Bart, of Mercy Me. 

And...of course...they sang my faves:

I truly felt like I had....been to church!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. What a great date night...sure beats Randy and I's Mexican/hair cut date the other night.LOL So glad you got to see your favorite group! HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK!

  2. he's aged so much since i seen them last. i guess that was, what did we decide? 1999 maybe???


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