Monday, November 9, 2009

Panther Creek State Park

Every great once in a know the old saying "once in a blue moon"....Pappy will surprise me with something. I've been wanting to go to Panther Creek State Park for years. A few weeks ago, a lady from church, Ms. Glenda, posted some pics of her and her hubby, Mr. Chuck, on her Facebook taken at PCSP. Well, that just got me wanting to go again. Our kids have been there several times and have even hiked some of the trails!!!

So...Pappy told me on Saturday that we would go....and he suggested that we go thru the drive-thru at KFC and get our lunch. Panther Creek State Park isn't far from us at all.....maybe 25 miles, give, or take. are some pics I snapped of our day. One of these days I would love to have a nice camera....but...until then....I'll settle for the scenes I can capture with my little Kodak P&S!!!

I believe I could have used a little undereye concealer...;)

This was the view from our picnic peaceful and relaxing!!!

If you're a local....and you ever get a chance....visit's a short drive....and the view is amazing from the top!!!



  1. Alright!! Debbie you need to let me know when you are close by. The boys and I could have met you there. It is a very nice park.

  2. beautiful pics especially the one with you and hubby!


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