Thursday, November 19, 2009

Prayerful Thursday

For quite some time, I've reserved my Thursday post for prayer requests. I still want my blog to remain open for any prayer requests that you all send me....but I won't be listing like I have in the past....for several different reasons. I've felt for some time a prompting to discontinue listing people's names....and....I got my answer one day this week when I was discussing my thoughts on it with a friend and she told me how she felt about it....and I knew what she was saying was my answer from "sign" that I so often ask for!!! Just because I won't be listing them on here, please continue to e-mail, or call, with your requests so that I can add you to my personal list. If you ask me specifically to put a request on my blog....I'll be glad to do that, too!!!
Please pray for my friend, Ms. Janis. She's been having lots of trouble with her back for several months. She's going to a neurologist today. Please pray that he can find out the cause of her trouble and get her some relief from the pain.
Please pray for Kathy Horner. Ms. Horner has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been given approximately a year to live. She is the daughter of a dear friend of walking buddy. Please keep this entire family in your thoughts and prayers.
I also have 2 huge praises....these are personal to me!!!
First of all....Mamaw is doing so much better. Of course...Mamaw is 98 years old, and she's tired...but, hey, I'm...well, I won't bore you with my age...but I get tired, too, so I can only imagine how she must feel at her age. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers for her!!!
Also....remember the post I did about my knee? Well....some body's been prayin' because my knee is doing soooooo much better. I'm actually able to walk up and down stairs without taking them a leg at a time, if that makes sense. It's still tender....but absolutely nothing like it was....and my MD had thought she was going to have to send me to an ortho doctor.
PRAYER, my precious prayer warriors....there is so much....
Once again....let me know of any specific prayer requests....otherwise....Thursday's will sometimes become
"Thankful Thursday's" feel free to send me your praises, too!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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