Saturday, November 28, 2009

Six Wise Men

Joan at Anything Goes Here is sponsoring Vintage Christmas Monday....and as soon as I learned about it....I thought about my six...yes six...wise men ornaments.

When I was a little Mom had these 3 wise men ornaments that I LOVED.    I wanted her to give me those things for Y-E-A-R-S....but, even though she no longer decorates for didn't happen.

So.....several years sweet, precious daughter....searched on e-bay and found the exact ornaments....and bought them for me for Christmas.
Then, guess what happened? Mom decided to give me hers!
So...I am now blessed with 2 sets...and I love 'em both!

The ones on the left came from my Mom....the ones on the right from Jess.
(original box that the ornaments came in that Jess  bought me)

I searched e-bay....and there's a set on there right now going for $'s not that I think they're worth's the memories!!

Christmas Blessings,


  1. We can all use extra wise men! Thanks for joining the party! xo Joan

  2. Hello Deb... your wise men are beautiful, and you cannot put a pricetag on your memories... they are priceless... so fun at Joan's party! Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. Good old Ebay! The place we can buy back our childhoods at! I really like the wise men, especially the colors of them. And they probably make more of an impact now that you have two sets. The more wise men, the merrier!
    Happy Vintage Christmas!

  4. so very special that your daughter bought these for you...and the memories are priceless, are they not?!


  5. I love your wise men and what great gifts you have recieved.

  6. What great gifts you have recieved! They are precious...

  7. I have always loved that set too and I only have 2 of the pieces. Lucky you to have TWO sets! Thanks for sharing. Judi

  8. Thanks for entering my giveaway and Good Luck! Judi


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