Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tips for Tuesday

How many of you are trying to loose weight?
Raise your hand!!!
How many are just trying to keep from gaining any more weight?
Raise your hand!!!
How many of you would just like to maintain the weight you're at right now?
Raise your hand!!!
My hand flew up on questions 1 and 2!!!
Okay....here are my tips for today....but....they're not really MINE!!!
I'll have to give credit to The Biggest Loser...and also to Weight Watchers....but....I can vouch that they both work. (but only if you actually do them!!!)

One of the things that is advertised on the show The Biggest Loser is to chew this gum when you feel a craving for something sweet....and it does work...of course you might have to wind up chewing a whole pack in a day!!!

ha! ha!

I've tried some of the other flavors, but this one if my fave...Berry Paradise!!!

Drink lots of water...which causes you to have to go potty lots of times!!! Just think of it this way...every time you have to go potty...you're flushing away several more ounces from your body!!!

Of course, as we all know....drinking lots of water is huge with WW!!

If you feel hungry...you might just be thirsty....so drink up!!!

(Disclaimer: I'm not necessarily a proponent of bottled water....and I know this is a big no-no...but....you see that bottle of water pictured....it's actually tap water put back into that bottle and put in the fridge to get icy cold. I cannot stand to drink water unless it's C-O-L-D. I don't usually buy bottled water!!! But, yes, I do re-use my bottles. I have 2 of those and I alternate them out in the fridge. After I've drank 2 of them...that's my water for the day!!!...but....I usually drink even more!!!)

This is my new favorite thing. I've been searching for some time for a nice insulated mug to drink my water out of. Pappy happened to be with me at Wally World one day and he loves looking at all the little displays they have at the ends of the aisles...you know the ones....placed there to catch your eye and make you think you can't live without it??? Well....in this case....I was glad he was with me because I probably wouldn't have bought it for myself. I LOVE this cup. It's an Aladdin....and its insulated....and it has a rubber bottom so it grips really well....and it fits in the cup holder in the car...and most importantly....

.....it's P-U-R-P-L-E!!!

(have I told you all how much I love purple?!?)

So, dear readers...for what it's worth...those are my "Tips for Tuesday"...and like I said earlier....they work....as long as you do them!!!



  1. you have purple pride like Tabitha,LOL Sevier county high school color! And I also reuse my bottles but they are mostly sprite or diet mountain due bottles that I put water in. I did buy one of those tall smart waters and reuse that bottle for water too. It holds 1 quart and 1.8 oz's.

  2. Yes, you are a wise owl! Great tips and I raised my hand on 1 and 2 also!
    Hope you don't mind that I'm visiting your blog. Lots of good things!

  3. You have inspired me....to chew more gum...blow more bubbles...drink more water...potty more often...and go buy a purple cup :)
    Actually I just bought myself one of those cool metal ones in Old Navy..they have them on sale for
    Now, if only I will use it..and WORK OUT!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24