Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Little More Christmas

On the afternoon of Christmas Day....our kids came to our house!  Our grandsons were sooooo precious.  They couldn't wait to open their gifts...but what they really wanted, especially Big Brother.....was to get into his stocking!!!  He had known which one was his for weeks, and wanted desperately for me to let him just take a peek...but, I told him he had to wait until Christmas!!! 
Aren't kids just wonderful? 
Don't they just make Christ-mas?!?! 
Ours are sooooo special.....of course, this Nannie is a bit prejudiced, I'm sure!!! 
Here are a few pics we took that evening!!!

Big Brother digging into his stocking.....he got thru his really fast.....barely looking at anything in it!!!

Little Bit's process was totally different than his Big Brother.  He went thru his stocking, taking things out one by one....and if you'll notice underneath and behind him....he "hid" each thing he removed so that his brother wouldn't try to take it away from him...not that something like that would ever happen, mind you!!!

The only difference in the contents of the stockings....was this little puppy.  Big Brother has several I thought that Little Bit needed one of his this puppy was stuffed down in the very bottom of his stocking.  Big Brother got flash cards instead of the puppy...but....know what Big Brother told me?
He said, "maybe he'll let me play with the puppy".
I should have known better!!!

Later on, I noticed Jess with my P&S camera.  As a lot of you who read my blog know, she's a professional photographer....Jessica Leigh Photography.
Well...she gave me some pointers on taking better pics with my little P&S.  One thing...and I had just read this recently on another to take your pics without the flash.  I ALWAYS use the flash...but look at the gorgeous pics she got with my simple little camera....just by turning off the flash!!!

(pay no attention to the fact that I've not finished painting the doors on the corner cabinet!!!)

Can you love a tree?
If so....I LOVE our Christmas tree.  We sold the one we had on Craig's a precious young Christian man who it turned out had lots of musical interests in common with Pappy!!!
So...we took that money and put toward the purchase of this one.  It's pre-lit....slim....and it's just perfect for our home....just the right size!!!
Plus...if you look really closely....part of the branches are kinda "fuzzy" on the ends and lighter in color....and there are also pine cones attached to it, making it appear more "real".
Yes....I LOVE my tree!!!

And...these next two...are just soooo good!!!
It's Little Bit standing on the "back porch" (sun room), looking thru the glass in the door at the tree....and him checking out the ornaments!!!

(it's hard to get Big Brother to stand still long enough for a picture!!!)

New Year Blessings to you,

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  1. Beautiful tree! I love glad ya'll had a great truly IS the most wonderful time of the year.


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