Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree....O, Christmas Tree....

.....your  branches green delight us!
Good thing you can't actually hear me singin'!!

I FINALLY....got our tree decorated last night. 
Well...as much as it's gonna get this year!  I found that I just didn't want to put every single ornament on it this year....or, the icicle tinsel (that I dearly love, by the way).....but I kept thinkin' to myself....every thing I get out....I'm gonna have to put back up!!! 
Sounds very scroogy, huh? 
Any-who....here are a few pics of our tree...and some of the ornaments on it that really mean something to me!!!

Do you ever notice how much better your house looks in pictures?  What you're not seeing....is the huge laundry basket full of clothes needing to be folded!!!   

This is the topper we've used for several years.  I love snowmen....have I mentioned that already???
We bought this one the year that Jess and The Dad got married...almost 8 years ago!

Ornaments that Jess made using the boys handprints....love 'em!!!

Another snowman ornament that Jess made.

My "hope" angel!!
Did you know...that the word hope...is just about my favorite word...EVER?

I'm also very fond of cardinals.....you can read that story here!!

Here's the inside of the little teacup!

One of my newest cardinal ornaments

I love these little cardinals....3 on a card for $1.00...at Dollar Tree! 
Wish I had bought more!

I found this one at Cracker Barrel....and knew he had to come home with me!!

And....last but not least....what would a post on Wise Old Owl be....without an owl?

Christmas Blessings to you,


  1. Hi, I am doing an article at SandwichINK on comforting Bible verses come Sunday and was doing some research for it which brought me to your site. I was actually looking for something totally different but so delighted to see all your adorable Christmas ornaments (I think all this heat has us all longing for Autumn and Christmas snow :) )

    AND I had to tell you THANK YOU for showing off the adorable snowman ornament made from your grandkids finger prints! HOW CUTE! I am always on the lookout for fun and creative activities for grandparents and their grandchildren - for my own grandkids and me AND for my readers. So I've bookmarked your site AND this page. I'm hoping to give this a try come Christmas and, of course, share your link as well. :)

    Thanks again and have a BLESSED WEEK.



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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24