Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This and That

This past Saturday, Pappy had to....got to....work
(we can certainly use the OT since we're getting a new roof).  
I got up early and started cleaning house.  Since I've been sick with this crazy sinus infection....off and on since October (mostly on)....and am still finishing up my 3rd round of antibiotics....I haven't felt like doing much of anything. 
Plus...I haven't had much Christmas spirit, either.  It's amazing how much better I felt just knowing that my house was somewhat clean.  I didn't say...."tidy"....I just said clean.  I won't share with you my piled up dining room table....which is full of Christmas presents that I haven't had time to finish....because I have to take them outside and spray a coat of sealer on them....and it's been too cold...or rainy...or windy!!! 
So...I vacuumed....did some laundry...got some spots up out of the carpet in the hallway....made a HUGE pot of chilli....picked up some sticks in the yard....gathered up al the gourds and pumpkins that were our fall decorations....and placed pinecones in the containers.  I also put some poinsettias in the containers that I pulled the dead geraniums out of !!!  When Pappy got home, he put our Christmas wreaths in the windows.  I turned the radio on in the kitchen and listened to Christmas carols....turned the tree on....and just seemed to feel the Christmas spirit starting to creep in. 
 It was wonderful!!! 
Later on in the evening, I took a few pics from around the house that I want to share with ya'll (but....don't expect a pic of my table!!!)

My precious friend bought me the teapot for Christmas last year.  I sat it in the  center of a candle ring and placed it on the counter...I love it!!!

I bought myself a little gift....a rosemary tree. 
This isn't the one I wanted....I would have preferred the one that cost almost $25 at HD...but....my sis-in-law called and said that HD's competition....Lowe's....had them for $11.88...good enough for something that I'll probably wind up killing anyway!!! 
I hope not....because it smells sooooo good!
And....the plate....with the cardinal....isn't it GORGEOUS?!?!?
Another sweet friend got it for me for Christmas last year....and it's the first thing I see when I come in the back door!!!

Can you even believe this vase?!?!?!
HOPE is my all-time favorite word
(check out Jeremiah 29:11)
....and you know how much I love cardinals?
Well....one day last week I took my sis-in-law to lunch for her birthday....and when we got back home, she wanted to go ahead and give me my Christmas gift....it was that beautiful vase from her and my niece!!!
I LOVE IT sooooo much!!!

So...that's that about that!! 
HOPE each of you are having a wonderful week....
....and are getting in the Christ-mas Spirit!!

Christmas Blessings to you,

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