Friday, January 29, 2010

Change is good

I've had something on my heart for a few weeks....and I feel the time has come to share it with y'all!!! 
My Mom has a saying that she's used since I was a little  girl,
"nothing ever stays the same".
 I've decided that I'm gonna combine my blogs into one....and the name I'll be keeping is Jeremiah 29:11.  I've thoroughly enjoyed posting on Wise Old Owl!!!  So....what you've been seeing over there....will now be posted here!!!  I'll still post devotionals, as God lays them on my heart to write....but....I also feel led to share with you some other things in my life....things God has blessed me with....some of my precious family, especially our grandsons.  
By doing that, you'll get to know me better....and we'll be more like friends!!! 

So....if you're a follower of both blogs....then, you'll only have to check on one from now on!!!  This will save both me and you some precious time.  Actually....there will probably be more posts here to check out because things come to mind all the time that I want to share with you.  If you're only a follower over at Wise Old Owl....then, please become a follower of Jeremiah know how bloggers love followers?!?!?
 Also...for those of you who don't blog....this is such a wonderful way to document things that happen in our lives....sort of an on-line journal, so to speak!!! 

So....that being said....look for a few changes....and please know that I hope I can still be considered a "wise old owl"....who is learning and growing with each passing day!!!  And, don't think I won't be sharing some owlie things here....I still love my owls!!!  I've actually already imported all the posts from Wise Old here!!!

“In this world of change, nothing which comes stays, and nothing which goes is lost.”
~~~Anne Sophie Swetchine~~~

Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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