Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Covered Thoughts

It snowed here Thursday's soooooo cold (around 10 as I type this)....that the snow isn't going anywhere!!! 
As I look out the window at the road in front of our's still "white as snow"!!!  I did manage to get out for a bit sweep the snow from the back porch and sidewalk....and swept me a path to the mailbox!!!

How many of you let your little ones go out and play in the snow?
When I was a little brother and cousins....and me...would spend HOURS outside playing when it snowed.  I would get soooo cold....that when I would finally go back in the my hands and feet would warm up, they would actually ache from the cold!!! 
Isn't that near frostbite?!?!?  ha! ha!
Probably...but, it was so worth it.

There was a path that led from our house to our cousin's house....and on our side it went down hill...then, to a little "flat"....then back up the hill to their house.  We always packed our side to sled down.  I remember....going down that hill....stepping side to side....absolutely all the way down it...until we had it packed down tight...and good and icy!!!  Then...we would get on our sleds....and absolutely fly down that hill!!! 
How many of you remember putting soap on the metal sled runners to make them go faster?!?!?!
I recall when my brother fell off and busted his lip....and he was just a little fellow!!

Would you believe....
....that this is the actual sled that my brother and I used to sled on?
Yep...I still have it....not in such good shape these days since she's probably headed toward 50 years old...but....oh, the memories it brings back!!!

Wishing you happy snow covered memories!!

If you don't have any of your own....then, start making some with your own kids....and grand-kids....nieces....nephew....or, even the neighborhood kids!!!

Blessings to you,

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  1. Thanks for sharing your sledding story! We only had a lot of snow a couple of times when I was a kid (I grew up in Wa near Seattle) but I remember going to a big hill with my brother and sledding all day! Then coming home to homemade hot chocolate. The kind made with fresh cows milk, cocoa sugar and vanilla! Yum! We go sledding with our kids every year here in Utah.


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