Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prayer Warrior

(this little sign props on a lamp on my computer desk)

I received a call from a friend yesterday requesting prayer for a mutual friend who was having problems in his home life.  Before we hung up from talking with each other, she told me that she wanted to let me know about what was going on because she knew I was a prayer warrior.  I couldn't seem to get that "term" off my mind the rest of the day.  Not just because of that certain situation....but there were others who I knew were in need of prayer, each facing a totally different set of circumstances than our friend....yet each in dire need of prayer because of lost jobs, death of a loved one, divorce, difficult time on the job, sickness, injuries, surgery...even some personal ones of my own.  I had woke up sometime the night before with several of these on my heart and mind, and just took the time before I drifted back to sleep to pray for them.

....back to being a prayer warrior. 
My precious friend didn't realize when she used those two words....what feelings it would conjure up inside of me.  I'm always humbled that others have so much confidence in me that they would bring their prayer requests to me and confide in me with their problem. 
 But....when asked to pray for someone, there also comes a great deal of responsibility.  I'm reminded of Jesus' disciples who went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray with Him.  All He asked of them was to watch and pray....and they went to sleep.  We're often critical of the disciples that they couldn't stay awake for just a little while to pray with their Master....but how many times has somebody asked me to pray for them about something....and I would say, "oh, I will"....then, it slips my mind....or, I pray right then, and don't think of it again? 
I'm no better than Jesus' disciples who chose to sleep.

 After talking with my friend, I went to stay with our youngest grandson and while he napped....I worked on my Bible study lessons. 
This is one of the verses of scripture that we were asked to look up:

John 15:16 (NLT)
You didn’t choose me.
I chose you.
I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name.

If you read my blog regularly....and you've gotten to know me very know exactly what I did when I read those words, right?
Yep....I cried!!!

Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. I just love it when God speaks directly to me with the scripture. That is how I know, that I know, he is real and not just made up. He said I have revealed myself to you.
    Yes, I know when I ask you to pray about an matter you do. I told you once before you are a prayer warrior. We used to have a dear lady in our church she was our prayer warrior for the entire church. She is dearly missed.

  2. Prayer Warrior ~ It is a title with much responsibility ~
    I enjoyed your post Deb. I on FB have many to ask me to remember them in prayer over certain circumstances, illness, etc ...and sometimes the basket fills up really quick .. and in my prayer time I lift up those by name that I can remember and then just ask the LORD to bring forth His Will in the many lives of those I have had contact with on FB, or throughout my day ...
    I think about 'WAR"...which is the word that warior comes forth from...there are many levels of "warriors"...those that are on the front lines, those that are backup when the first troops go forth..and realize just as it is in anything of God there are levels of growth in each area...
    Thankful for truth because sometimes I measure myself by the "calling of someone else"...I was praying one morning and I was utlimately "whining" about not being perfect.... and He so clearly gave me a vision of a little girl in her Mom's shoes...way to big for her...and due to her little feet which were perfect for her maturity ... she stumbled and fell alot trying to walk in her mom's shoes!
    So I am trying to not be "perfect" in being a Prayer Warrior, an Adult Sunday school teacher, Mom, Nana, or a child of God...
    This seems a bit off your subject but yet it is not: Jesus had brought only a couple of the disciples with him to the Garden, I forget which ones now, but they had the opportunity to see a higher realm of Glory but missed it....
    As you I do not want to miss what the LORD desires me to experience in HIM ... but I also must remember sometimes I am trying to "BE" the Warrior when God just very well may have me to sit underneath the Mulberry Tree as He did David and His men ....
    Love ya Deb
    BTW ... also enjoyed the post on thinking and speaking negative feelings


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24