Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quilts on Display

Are you anything like me and your closets are packed to the gills....well, thanks to the FlyLady, I'm working on that little...HUGE...problem in our house.  One of the things that I won't get rid of, though, are my quilts....those that mean the world to me.  Rather than stuff them into a closet where they'll just get forgotten...why not put them on display where they'll be seen and you can enjoy them?

   We have an old armoire in our den that we got at a thrift store several years's very....very...."shabby chic", as the term is for furniture that's just old and worn....but Pappy did a little work on it to spruce up the shelves to hold a little TV....and on the other shelves, I placed some of my quilts.
The quilt on top was made for me when I was just a little girl by my paternal grandmother.....we called her Mammie!!  The second one is a double wedding ring quilt that we bought for our 25th wedding anniversary.  And the one on the bottom....I just liked the colors....we've had that one for years, too!!!

These quilts are in the bottom of an old armoire....another thrift store find!!  The one on top was made by my's a maple leaf pattern.  The one underneath is is a cathedral window and it was made by my maternal great-grandmother.....and the one on the bottom has strawberries embroidered on it...another one made by Mammie!!! 

Did I inherit the gift to quilt?
I've only made one small quilt for Jess before she was born....but it's something on my "to do" list...which is about a mile long now!!!

Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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  1. Love both recent posts. And oh those quilts! I don't even have ONE! I love them! I guess no one in my family ever had the quilting gift.


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