Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As you know, we're reading the Bible thru. 
A lot of what we've read so far is how the Israelites complained....and complained....and then complained some more.  If it wasn't about the food they were eating....then, it was about their lack of water....or, it was about their living conditions.  The latest thing they're griping about is that they want a king...and God has decided that if a king is what they want...then, a king is what they'll have. 
I'm thinking they're gonna totally regret ever asking for a king!!  

And....as you already know....some of the ladies at church are doing a Bible study.  Well....one of the lessons that I just finished on Sunday was about complaining.  And....that's not even all.  I have yet another sinus infection....and so does Pappy.  He didn't work yesterday because he felt so bad and he went to the doctor.  I asked him to stop by and pay our cable  bill on the way home and he forgot.  Well....guess what?  I took it very personal that he didn't listen to what I asked him to do.  I was offended because I was just sure that he did it on purpose just to upset me.  
Know what I mean....like the entire world revolves around me and what I want!!!!
   And...he pointed out....that I was only getting upset because I feel so bad....which was probably true....but it didn't really help my mood any!!!
(please don't think I'm a big meanie....most of the time I'm very pleasant to be around....honest, I am)

So...do you think that all of this is just a coincidence....that I'm reading so much about griping and complaining lately?!?!

Nope...me, either!!!

I know that it's God trying to tell me something!!!
I really do try not to complain....but are you like me and sometimes the words just come out and you know you aren't gonna be able to grab them back....and before you know it....well, you know what I'm getting at, right?

Here's what I read in my Bible study:

"But, whether it is habit, disposition, or upbringing that contributes to grumbling, the real root is selfishness"
(courtesy of Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild)

That statement hurt....because....the truth hurts!!!

Selfishness....I totally agree. 
Griping and complaining is because we want things our way!!  
Isn't that one of the things that we correct our children (or grandchildren) about....to not be selfish....to share....to think of others?

Okay, Lord....I get the picture!!!!

Philippians 2:14 (NLT)
Do everything without complaining and arguing.

Thank you, Lord....for loving me enough....to correct me when I'm doing wrong!!!

Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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