Monday, March 29, 2010

It's a trap!!!

I saw this idea in a Lowe's Creative Ideas magazine and knew right away that it was something I wanted to make!!!
 The ones they showed were painted.
I decided to go a different route and use scrapbook paper and embellishments.

And....would you  believe....they're made out of mouse (actually rat)....traps?!?
If I haven't totally grossed you out already.....then read on.....

First of thyself some rat traps...and some mouse traps.  The small one were found 4 in a pack for $1.00 at the $ General Store!!! 
The "rat" traps....Pappy found for me at a local grocery store at about a buck apiece!!!

Remove all the hardware from the traps using needle nose pliers (or, if you're like your sweet hubby into doing that part for 'ya!!!).  
Just leave the small brackets on each side.  
Also, peel off the labels!!!
All the hardware was placed in a zip-lock baggie so it wouldn't get misplaced....not that anything like that has ever happened in my very neat and organized home!!!

Then....dig out your paint and brush and scrapbook paper....oh, and your trusty Modge Podge  (am I the only person who really doesn't like the smell of that stuff?).....

Then....paint your "trap".....

(those are the brackets that you need to leave)

and back....

Cut your scrapbook to fit the trap and Modge Podge it on.  I used a craft knife to cut small slits to go down over the brackets.
Once it's all good and dry....reinstall the hardware....and you've got yourself a little note holder.
 I used peel and stick letters and hearts and flowers on mine. 
Oh, and I also glued a strip of sheet magnet on the backs.
Sorry my pics are a little dark... :(
Hang them on your fridge....and you have a handy little holder for a grocery list....
....or pics of your precious GRAND-sons!!!

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Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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