Sunday, March 7, 2010

I've got your number..... number, that is!!!

This is very similar to the initial plaques that I made....with the exception that this time I used Modge Podge....because it was a bit too cold to go outside and use the spray adhesive....and I learned my lesson spraying that stuff in my kitchen!!!
(no details....let's just say my dining room chairs still have a coat of "sticky" on 'em!!!)
I painted a coat of antique white....let it dry....then painted a coat of black.... and let it dry.  Then, to give it a more aged look....I sanded off some of the black in places....then, went over it with an antiquing medium (same as a stain) just make it look more old!!!!

All the supplies came from Hobby Lobby....except for the twine, which Pappy just happened to have....and used his trusty staple gun to attach it to the back of the plaque for me!!
Then I tied on a few soften it a bit.....and....VOILA!!!

Whatta 'ya think?

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Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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