Sunday, March 21, 2010


Have you ever heard of a "mola"?
Here's a web definition I found: 

a colorful fabric panel of Central American origin, sewn with a reverse-appliqué technique and used for decorative purposes, as on clothing, or furniture, or as a wall hanging.

I discovered the "mola" several years ago while searching for "owl" and "fabric" on e-bay. 
As you know, if you've followed me very long at all. .....
I Red heart owls!!!
There is such an interesting story behind the "mola"....which made me like them even more.
For more info on how they're here!!

  So....would you like to see what I made out of my "mola"?

 Purses, of course....Pappy says I'm "purse poor"....and for those of you who don't understand means....that at least Pappy thinks....I have too many purses!!
But...don't you agree....that most men just don't understand the connection between a girl and her purse?!?!?!
This is the first one I made....which is actually a tote,  cause it's kinda large.....

And this is the second one.....

Notice I made little "cell phone" pockets on the sides.  And...look at the lining in this one....from  thrift store fabric.....

I've been searching on e-bay for more "molas"....but the prices have gotten a bit out of my range.  If any of you come across one....that a "wise old owl" could afford....would you let me know?!?!?!?
Thanks bunches!!!

I'm gonna link this to.....


Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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