Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank you, Paula Deen!!

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I read somewhere....that more women had stopped coloring their hair and allowed it to go gray....since the popularity of Paula Deen several years ago.  And, I can see why.  She has gorgeous hair...and it seems so thick.  Another beautiful lady with gray hair is Pat @ Back Porch Musings.  You've gotta head over there and check out her gorgeous gray hair!!!  I go to church with several ladies who have absolutely beautiful gray hair....Ms. Mary and Ms. Aggie....oh I would love for my hair to be as pretty as theirs!!!

Several years ago Jess and I took a bus trip to Ohio to the Longaberger basket plant.  Of course half the trip was spent sitting on the bus in Kentucky due to a terrible traffic accident,  but that's not the point of my story.  On this trip was another mother and daughter....and I admired that lady's hair the entire trip, especially since she sat a few rows in front of us!!!   It was about then that I decided that I was gonna just "go gray"!!! 
I used to work with a fellow who said that it took a very confident woman to not color her hair and allow the gray to show.  I don't think confidence has much to do with it....I think it's a matter of time....and money....and also how your hair responds to color. 
Back in the day when I did use color....mine would ALWAYS turn out RED!!!  

So....again.....thank you Ms. Paula for letting the rest of us ladies realize that there's nothing wrong with gray hair!!!

 Just thought I'd share a bit of rambling thoughts on a Thursday evening!!!

Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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